Monday, February 23, 2009

Meter Trial – Volunteers Wanted

one of those gadget thingiesNot everyone reads the comments so I am flagging this up as a post.

Hello Barkingside 21 - the debate on the use of energy monitors comes at a good time!

I'm currently co-ordinating a Scrutiny Committee Working Group which is looking at household emissions - and the Council's role in reducing them. The Working Group has considered various good practice - including the loan through libraries of the energy monitors.

Before the Working Group reports to the Environment and Highways Scrutiny Committee, and thereafter Cabinet, I have been asked to undertake a short trial with the use of a couple of monitors to assess whether people find these easy to use, to consider their potential effect in raising awareness, and if the loan of monitors through libraries would generally be a worthwhile project to support.

The monitors are currently on order - would anyone from Barkingside 21 care to trial one for a week or so, in order to assist research?! (you never know - you could save some money on reduced energy bills as well!)

Many thanks
Paul Umfreville
Scrutiny Research and Development Co-ordinator
London Borough of Redbridge


  1. I would love to participate in the trial for our area.

  2. Please tell me why, at a time when the Council should be cutting back everything except crucial services, they are faffing about with household emissions?

    Anyone with any sense, and a budget to adhere to, is unlikely to be wasting energy.

    Unless persuaded otherwise quite soon, this seems to me like finding jobs for the bureaucrats.

  3. butterfly, you need to contact Paul on the email above, just click on it.

  4. Judith, see original post.

    Also this is probably being funded by some ring fenced grant from central Guv precisely for that very purpose.

  5. I did read the original post, and given the Govt hasn't got the money to fund the financial assistance it offered to homeowners and businesses, why is it p*****g taxpayers' money up against the wall on this kind of idiocy?

    Is anyone likely to reduce their emissions (wow, what scope for humour there) when advised to do so by 2 Jags Weinberg's administration?