Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sonia’s Sausages

Barbeque sausagesThere were five hopefuls to become the Conservative Candidate for the position of Mayor of London in 2008, and anyone could register to vote in the contest. I did and I went to the hustings held at Ilford Town Hall. What’s more I got to ask a question.

“Politicians who challenge an incumbent always talk about what they want to change. I want to know what you are not going to change, that is, what have been Ken’s successes?”

Only one of them gave a decent answer. Andrew Boff cited Community Policing, the introduction of dedicated teams for every ward in London, a Sergeant, two Police Constables and 3 Police Community Support Officers. Boris just said “it’s a short list”. Sitting here right now I can only remember one of the other three names nor can I recall what they said, it was that impressive.

I was also invited to a local evening talk last Saturday given by Andrew and hosted by Sonia. Unfortunately I was on baby sitting duties and therefore missed Sonia’s sausages – damn! Roger says they were really good.

I also missed the talk, which was about delivering the Olympics in 2012, a subject that now needs to be viewed in the context of our changed circumstances – the recession. Roger Evans though posts on the evening here, but doesn’t give much detail. Maybe he or Sonia can fill us in?


  1. I can't really give you much more - I was too busy enjoying the evening to take detailed notes. I did the blog article you kindly linked to when I got home and whilst things were still fresh in my mind.

    The thrust of the message was that the games are going to happen so we must be enthusiastic and ensure the best possible production and a valuable legacy for Londoners - within what is turning out to be a tight budget. There are problems but the mayor and the government will just have to roll their sleeves up and sort them out. And to be fair, the work is on schedule and the executives in charge have a strong record of delivering major projects.

  2. Fine, Roger. But will it be paid for before it starts, or will we be paying for it for the next 20 years, or even 30?

    A totally ill-thought proposition, secured on the basis of a false prospectus.

  3. From what I can remember, in between rushing around:

    The Mayor has promised to stick to the allocated budget.

    Contingency funding has already been tapped.

    There is no point relying on much of the private sponsorship offered in happier times.

    There is no point in relying on clawing back expenditure by way of selling land afterwards for housing, given the economic downturn.

    Despite much talk about 'legacy' when we won the right to stage the Games, investigations have shown no legacy planning by the previous London administration.

    It is suggested that there will be major roads that may have to be closed to all private traffic, not just for the term of the Games, but possibly for up to 6 months beforehand, so that Olympic officials can travel around without being bothered by traffic jams. This is at the behest of the IOC.

    And finally, the IOC sets the terms of the contract between the winning City and itself, and then KEEPS THE TERMS OF THE CONTRACT SECRET! Yes folks, that's what the previous Mayor signed us up to.

    So although London may not wish to desecrate Greenwich Park by placing the equestrian events there (and gawd knows how they'll manage the access), IT'S IN THE CONTRACT - THE ONE YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO SEE!

  4. Thanks Sonia. They do say that wopersons are much better at multi-tasking than us blokes.
    By coincidence, right now I can smell sausages, mash, onion gravy and peas being prepared in the kitchen.

  5. Do you suppose that, in a Darwinian kind of fashion, 'wopersons' had to become good at multi-tasking because blokes are so flipping useless at everything except fighting and collecting odd bits of 'stuff' that 'might come in useful one day, y'never know'?

  6. I do suppose so. And I too have a shed, garage and loft full of 'stuff'.

  7. The only benefit I can forsee about the Olympics is: I shall be renting out my place for squillions while I am abroad sunning myself.

  8. Can we REALLY depend on your last 6 words Ray?