Sunday, January 04, 2009

Get Redbridge Active

a sign pointing to the stairsI have deliberately saved this post until now, just after the Christmas binge when New Year’s Resolutions on diet and weight loss are to the fore.

At our meeting last November, Alison Puddle, LBR Sports and Physical Activity Manager, gave a presentation that included the initiative “Get Redbridge Active” followed by “Let’s Get..... Active / Going / Together / Competitive / Volunteering”

This is a joined up piece of partnership working, or so it is intended, involving the likes of schools, voluntary groups and the Primary Care Trust. All very well, but it doesn’t inspire confidence when the PCT builds a hospital where we don’t have access to the stairs, and Alison doesn’t mention Anne’s favourite word – Allotments!

As one of our guests indicated, health and fitness is about building activity into your daily life. This is not easy when you are under time pressure and bombarded with messages to persuade you to buy the latest labour saving devices. Perhaps these manufacturers should be obliged to put warnings on their products? All too often opportunities to exercise are designed out - it's time to fight back and get them designed in.

Try thinking of Housework, gardening or DIY not as chores but as free exercise. If it’s a nice day try getting off the bus or tube a stop earlier and having a walk. Park the car a street or two away from the school or shops and have a walk. Think about how far you do walk when visiting a supermarket or shopping mall; I’ll bet it’s more than the length of your local High Street. Try getting out of the lift a floor or two earlier and use the stairs.

The best way to lose weight is not dieting, it is regular, gentle daily exercise.


  1. "The best way to lose weight is not dieting, it is regular, gentle daily exercise."

    Ed, that is complete cobblers. Half the population is already overweight and would need to jog 24 hours a day to lose an ounce, if they continue stuffing themselves with fatty foods. A healthy diet plus moderate exercise is the right regime.

    I had to develop my own diet, not to slim, but to bring down my cholesterol level, which was dangerously high (heart attack or stroke imminent!). I lost a stone in a couple of months without trying to slim. It was that easy. And my cholesterol level became normal.

    Slim and live longer. Follow The Coxsoft Diet.

  2. I wonder how younger members of the Frenford Clubs feel about losing their health & fitness facilities at Cricklefields and at Oakfield probably for at least two years while the "Academy" is built and Frenford are moved to reduced facilities at the old PLA site off The Drive.

    Sports Clubs are closing down regularly due to lack of Local Authority support and funding.

    There is no point in a youth football club having one hundred boys and girls interested in playing if they can't get a ground to play on.

  3. Could Coxsoft Art tell me if he is also taking statins in addition to his diet and exercise regime? I am reading so much conflicting information about cholesterol that I am oscillating in my opinions and I tend to shut my mind to it. If he has reduced his levels just by dieting and exercising, well done indeed.

  4. Have had a look at the Coxsoft Diet - well, I could, and often do, go without pretty well everything mentioned EXCEPT that life without cheese and chicken skin isn't worth living!

    Anne: keep reading about statins - there is some evidence that they have less effect on mature women, with an increased risk of contracting cancer. Many doctors believe statins are worth prescribing to those who have had a cardiac episode, but not as a preventative.

  5. “Pass the cheese Grommit”

    Well, Judith, I doubt you are acquainted with Pork Crackling but on the scrummy index it is way above Chicken Skin, cheese and chocolate.

    Have you read Porterhouse Blue?

  6. Hi Judith, I am not anywhere near mature me, but, I was prescribed statins two years ago and the side effects were instant and not pleasant( my normally supple hands became gnarled in less than a week!). So, I exercised my right to be cholesterol laden and feeling well rather than cholesterol free and not feeling too good.
    I live in blissful ignorance and enjoy butter on my burnt toast!
    Preventative medicine is a real dilemma. One has got to balance things!
    ps: never tasted Pork Crackling, does it go well with Guinness?

  7. Of course I have tasted, and love, pork crackling, yummy!

    Anne, Dearly Beloved tried two different brands of statins, had dreadful side effects: severely exacerbated his arthritis, made him exhausted all the time, and put him in a filthy temper all the time. Since he does not have cardiac problems, he has declined to take any more.

    As you say, it's about balance - what's the point of living longer if you are to be denied much of what makes life pleasurable?

  8. Well, Judith,
    What you say about your Dearly Beloved is both interesting and worrying.
    When I think they plan to dose the population with these tablets (to save the aged) as well as putting fluoride in the water supply (to save the teeth of the young).
    At least with the tablets we have still a chance to make a choice. Water supply???
    (I do know there is bleach in water and that it is a necessary evil and perhaps I am fretting about fluoride without knowing enough about the facts.)

  9. Fluoride is also a dodgy proposition - there certainly were studies done in ?70's that showed that populations imbibing artificially or naturally high dosages of fluoride in water showed higher incidence of cardiac problems.

    Re statins - GP surgeries get financial incentives to put ever-higher numbers of patients on to statins; this makes me suspicious - cui bono?

  10. The bottled water companies will be lapping it up.

    I did a post on Fluoride last Feb and it raised it's head on Redbridge-i too.

  11. i did click on the post on Fluoride and I could quote the old English saying: plus ca va, plus c'est la meme chose!
    However, my memory bells ring that our Redbridge council was going to make a serious effort at greeniness and stop using bottled water and offer tap water instead.
    Well, I have not noticed any jugs at the various council meetings! Obviously, they could still be running down their supplies of bottled water, or the councillors are bringing their own bottles of water filled at home from taps, or any other colourless liquid (just joking) or perhaps the reason is that providing drinking glasses is not that easy an option.
    I am sure somebody in the know will want to comment!

  12. I am back to the original post and the comment about me and allotments.
    I have just read the most recent redbridge life magazine and I am genuinely horrified that allotments are not considered part of Redbridge assets as far as fitness and healthy activities are concerned. Cllr Mrs Huggett has written an article advising us on health and fitness. Since this is an open minded blog, I can ask a slightly personal question to both her and another cabinet member about their well advertised sponsored slim. I did email Cllr Mrs Huggett at the time, telling her about the effortless weight loss of many newcomers to the joys of allotment gardening but she kindly said she would rather stick to walking, which is fair enough. Is the proof in the pudding? Has she walked enough?
    I feel that the fact that the Cabinet member for leisure (hence responsible for the allotments) is not saying a single word about them is disgraceful and, if I may, rather worrying.
    Long live the allotments everywhere in the world and in Redbridge,in particular.