Friday, January 23, 2009

Airstrip One

a dirty aeroplane take offAccording to Iain Dale, Boris was up the Thames Estuary today looking for a site for Boris Island Airport.

Meanwhile, Greenpeace report that there will be a vote in Parliament next Wednesday on the governments support for the expansion of Heathrow with a third runway and a sixth terminal.

This should be fun. Apparently 57 Labour MPs signed an early day motion against airport expansion last autumn. This includes Harry Cohen but not Mike Gapes. Greenpeace are suggesting that we give these mavericks wreckers principled people some encouragement to withstand the expected pressure from Emperor Gordon Brown and Lord Vader Mandy.

The trouble with airports, as with any centralised hub, is not just the volume of aeroplanes, but the traffic they generate in the surrounding area with people and goods having to get to and from the hub at ground level. Just take a look at Heathrow now for a glimpse of what Boris has in mind for us here in the east.

Quite what this Flight of Fancy entails I don’t know. Will it be on the north or south side of the estuary? Or in the middle, a Boris made Island? Hmmm, there’s possibilities here. We could build it with all the recycling we now don’t know what to do with. So we won’t need all those nasty Incinerators. A new island in the middle makes a new river crossing east of Dartford that much easier and a new Thames barrier to boot. We’re gonna need it with all the extra CO2. It could even have Tidal power electricity generation to compensate. An extra stretch of railway to the south to link with Chunnel rail and we’re off to Stratford, Central London or Europe. Extend Crossrail from Shenfield to the east and we have a direct link to Heathrow.

Huh! Where am I? I must have dropped off. That was a strange dream. Back to reality.


  1. Mike Gapes MP is Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, very prestigious, do not expect him to rock the boat.

  2. people may be interested in the fact that in 1949, the council was trying to build houses on Fairlop Aerodrome(as was)
    60 years later - what goes around comes around.


  3. The Standard reports on the vote.

    For the motion: Harry Cohen, Lee Scott, Iain Duncan-Smith. Against: Mike Gapes.