Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tree Dressing Day

a dressed treeSaturday 6 December 2008

The London Borough of Redbridge Nature Conservation Ranger Team have organised a Tree Dressing Day in Claybury Woods. To find out more about the history of tree dressing please
click here.

The event is free and materials will be provided for you to create decorations in order to dress the trees in Claybury Woods. We will also have carol singers, mince pies, sweet chestnuts and hot drinks available.

Date: Saturday 6 December
Time: 1-3 pm
Site: Claybury Woods
Meeting point: Ravensbourne Gardens gate diagonally opposite the Warley Road entrance.
Booking information: No need to book, just turn up.
Other information: Please wrap up warm and wear appropriate outdoor footwear.

If you have any queries, please call the Nature Conservation Rangers on 020 8501 1426.

Tajinder Lachhar
LBR Nature Conservation Ranger

In addition to Tree Dressing day, we have lots of other events throughout the year, anything from volunteering at your nature sites, to bat walks and spring-time walks, etc. For further information on these events, please check for regular updates on the LBR events
web page.


  1. Can we get to dress the plumb tree?? Cllr Huggett??

  2. "plumb"? Is this a "Lavatree" joke?

  3. Well it's certainly made you somwehat flushed.

  4. Could be, but what she and a couple of her colleagues says, it would be very useful for annesevants allotment. How much extra feacal matter is required at your site Anne??

  5. Fertilise the allotments by holding a cabinet meeting there. There's enough bulls**t for all of them.

  6. Thats a little unfair, sometimes they say absolutely nothing at all.The prize for the shortest answer goes to Cllor Chan- when asked how much the "Big Conversation" cost said "its the subject of an FoI enquiry" since when have FoI enquiries been "sub judice" ?


  7. Otherwise known as "I don't know" but "I am waiting for the answer the same as you". Of course if I was on the ball and doing my my job properly I would have have asked that question myself and would know, and would be able to answer the question when asked, but then......

  8. but then........
    the Chief Finacial Officer could not answer this question either, when asked, one has to wonder about their "nous" knowing full well this question was going to come up, secrecy or total disregard for Council Tax Payers - their paymasters.

  9. Bit like Huggett that can't answer a question by email or at Cabinet meeting. Referrals must be rife in her sent box! And as dopeyf says, sometimes you get a mute response from Cllrs!!