Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Seasons Greetings

a pre-1930s Green SantaThe committee of Barkingside 21 wish all our readers a safe and enjoyable Christmas followed by a Happy New Year. Please be extra careful on the roads, you may have left the car keys at home while attending the office party, but others may not.

Our hardcopy newsletter number 25, December 2008, has just gone to the printers and should be popping through letterboxes next week. If you would like a printable version in either Word or PDF please email.

Any items in the newsletter that are not already published on this site will appear in due course – it’s timing you know. A blog is much more flexible.

And a reminder of the 6 advice sheets from last year given out by the Barkingside Crime Prevention Office

Be Safe, not sorry this Christmas
Bogus Callers
Cash Point Security
Internet Crime
Steer Clear of Car Crime
Street Wise


  1. And a merry Xmas to B21, thank you for hours fo fun over the last year

  2. ......... and for showing just what an open forum ought to be!

  3. And, since this enlightened blog trusts a French woman to mind her language:
    Merci beaucoup B21 et Joyeux Noel!

  4. Thank you Anne, as long as its not Edmonds!

  5. Where is Mr Richards this year??

  6. Best wishes and thanks to The Great Brains (or should that be Drains) wot run B21.