Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bogus Callers

Safer neighbourhoods LogoRecently, there was a male calling door-to-door in our area claiming to be a Fireman and selling raffle tickets in aid of a daughter suffering from leukaemia. Both these claims are false. This has also been featured in the Ilford Recorder but not on the web.

A suspect has been arrested twice for these offences, and he has now been charged with several matters. He was taken to court in custody but subsequently granted bail.

The local Police have since received similar reports of a male calling at doors in the Fullwell area selling raffle tickets for a daughter with leukaemia. Whilst the most recent reports do not feature the Fireman aspect they are strikingly similar in method to the previous offences.

The male from the most recent incidents is described as white, aged 35-40, 5 ft 6 inches tall, with short dark brown hair, scruffy appearance. The tickets offered for sale are standard cloakroom tickets. The common theme is the claim to be collecting on behalf of a daughter suffering with leukaemia.

If the suspect is still there or nearby a 999 call is justified. Officers responding should be aware of the situation, but it would also be helpful if the caller could mention the Safer Neighbourhood Team interest and the Recorder article to assist the call centre staff. If anyone has further information, or reports of a more historical nature, please call the team on 020 8721 2570 as normal.
Chris Chandler PS 18JI
Fullwell SNT

Please pass this on to any friends and neighbours who are not on the internet.


  1. Something similar occurred in Aldborough Hatch late last week - a man selling cloakroom tickets, saying that his daughter has leukaemia. We have issued warnings through organisations meeting at St. Peter's Church this weekend.
    Ron Jeffries

  2. Many thanks for this information - in Aldborough, this 'person' has also tried the same scam! With the Festive Season almost upon us, the con merchants of this world will try and take advantage of good hearts and busy people. I echo your sentiments, do not give this 'person' money - phone the Police and hopefully this time he won't be granted bail!!

    My very good wishes to you and everyone of Barkingside 21 - a Merry Christmas and A Peaceful, Healthy & Joyful New Year.

    Warm regards


  3. I am smiling to myself thinking of a con-person unwittingly knocking on Vanessa's door!
    May I use this opportunity to wish her and her family a very happy and relaxed worry-free Christmas

  4. They would for sure have knocked the wrong door!

    I second Anne's sentiments, and pass them on to everyone.


    Happy holidays, and a peaceful and prosperous new year.