Friday, November 07, 2008

Way To Go

This post was to be entitled - London Transport Needs…….
a replacement for this.

a Bendy Bus

But I’ve been overtaken by events. I was reading on the London Civic Forum that London Mayor Boris Johnson will soon be setting out his proposals for changes to London’s Transport Strategy. They were asking for views so that they can identify issues of concern and begin to think how these should be addressed. They even had an online survey [closing date 14th November].

But bouncy Boris has jumped the gun and issued his Strategy on Wednesday 5th November. It’s called “Way To Go” and as it’s name suggests it is full of hip Boris speak.

Normally I would give you a summary, but Diamond Geezer has already published the highlights with translations and followed it up with another post looking more closely at what’s been scrapped.

So don’t waste your time here get over there and have a butchers. [That's butchers hook, look - it's Cockney rhyming slang]

A sample to wet your appetite:
» "Why is it that so many buses seem half-empty? Passengers may like it, but it is expensive in subsidy." [We intend to thin out London's bus network to save money]


  1. Wish I could use the technology to fisk the fisking, but from memory -

    Oxford St is indeed wildly overpopulated by buses, at enormous expense to us the taxpayers.

    I'm delighted to have a Mayor who is applying a dose of reality to overblown, unfunded projects.

    I'm fed up with the new religion of Biking (and I'm married to a keen biker).

    The traffic lights' timing was altered by TfL before the Congestion Charge was brought in, in order to worsen the situation - so that it could be claimed that the Charge improved it. Does Diamond Geezer really want to further impede the flow of traffic, thus increasing traffic fumes?

    Seems to me that DG should rename his blog 'The Luddite'.

  2. I thought it was a rather good and amusing summary. You don't have to agree with his opinions.

  3. Who is this guy? Buses half-empty? When?
    There again, it could be that I often travel by bus after the rush-hour in the morning and before the school-rush - that could be why the buses I use are often standing-room only due to the cut services between these times.
    Similarly, the night-buses are well used for people out of the range of the Underground/Overground railways - whoops getting to sound like the environmentally knowledgeable Wimbledonians here.
    I've filled IN or Out the survey questionnaire and bunged in lots of people friendly issues.

  4. Few if any services around the suburbs operate a more frequent service at peak travel times with a reduction in between. They tend almost entirely to operate a standard daytime service from early morning to early evening, with reductions in the evening frequency.