Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sports Meeting

B21 are holding a meeting on Sport and Fitness in Redbridge, up at the new Redbridge Cycle Centre, Forest Road, Hog Hill. It will be worth coming along just to see this new facility and the view.
It is to be held on Friday 28th November 2008, 7:30pm.

Our panel of Speakers are:
Lee Scott, MP Ilford North
Keith Newton, Managing Director of Vision
Alison Puddle, LBR Sports and Physical Activity Manager

We hope that many sports and fitness groups will attend and provide a cross section of views and input to a hopefully lively discussion.

New Scientist asks: Why do Athletics tracks always run anticlockwise?


  1. Why just Lee Scott as a speaker. The tories have made complete leisure services within the borough so it would be great to have an alternate view and perspcetive. What about the Labour spokeperson on Leisure or the Labour PPC for Ilford North.

  2. John Sharrock, Chairman B211:57 pm, November 05, 2008

    It is not our intention to make this a political meeting. Lee Scott is invited as our MP and our representative in parliament, as was Mike Gapes invited to the Swimming March in South Ilford.

    The meeting is open to the public and if those people you mention wish to attend and speak, they will be welcome.

  3. Same night as Aldborough Hatch Defence Association AGM.

  4. Yes, we know. We did consider changing the date again but decided not to.

  5. Try inviting the Labour PPC for Ilford North and see if she turns up! She's been conspicuous by her absence since her selection - does anyone even know her name?

  6. Not quite.
    She did turn up and speak at an Area 3 Committee meeting some time back, but have not seen nor heard anything since. I can't remember her name.

  7. Just googled it.
    It's Sonia Klein.

    A very informative webpage!

  8. Well why don't you invite Sonia Klein to the event and then you will find out what she thinks on this issue.

    I do disagree that this is not a political meeting. Just look at the issue of the closure of swimming baths as an example.

  9. Yeah - what a Great Conversation!

  10. Anon,
    As John said, if she wishes to attend and speak she will be welcome. i am sure that the local Labour Party will be aware of the meeting.

    We are well aware of the Swimming Pool situation - our Chairman is also Chairman of the Redbridge Swimmers Users Group.

  11. The one person who really should be there but is unlikely to attend is the council's cabinet member for leisure.

  12. Maybe if there was a photo op for Redbridge Life?

  13. The Plan picture of this Cycle track shows it to be exactly that which it is. A great BIG GRASPING HOOK on the landscape - This apart I thank the powers that be - that the cycle track will not be open 24/7, thus leaving the wildlife to utilize the area when this set of exceedingly bossy humans have gone.
    If we consider the speed these cyclists aim for and the numbers that attend these events I can see no reason why they HAVE-TO carve up this enormously valuable Natural Area - Why have they not used a Brownfield old factory site? The Natural element at Hogg Hill can not; by any stretch of the imagination play any part in these cycle-event activities.
    There is a new RSPB group starting up (See accompanying blog in this group) - who should be allowed access to this site when the cyclists have gone away.
    Cycle Events are important - The Natural Environment is equally so. OK!
    For Riverside Concern

  14. Hey, I looked at Ms Klein's webpage, it is fabulous!

    Truly, a complete and enlightening portrait of her Party and its impact on and activities in Ilford North!

  15. It provided exactly the information I was looking for, no more no less, and without having to read through reams of text, scroll or find some obscure menu item.

    It is indeed an exemplary example of a user friendly webpage.

  16. I am really surprised. I thought agenda 21 was supposed to be non-party political in its approach. The previous two posts not only appear to be party political but personal....what's that all about. I was only suggesting that Agenda 21 have some balance at a meeting which covers an issue of hot political interest locally> I am assuming Judith will now be making a critique of Lee Scott MP website. Interestingly MPs get an allowance for communications etc so we should be expecting a high standard.

  17. Barkingside 21 is non-party political. That does not, however, preclude our members or readers from also being members of political parties or holding/ expressing party political views. Nor does it preclude Barkingside 21 itself from commenting on party political matters.

    We have invited our MP to a meeting, who is elected within a representational system and imparts upon him a duty to represent all of his constituents regardless of whom they voted for.

    Had Linda Perham not lost her seat in 2005 it would be her name on the sheet, as it was on several occasions during her term of office and since.

  18. Your difficulty here, B21, is dealing with somebody who posts as "anonymous" and does not disclose an identity. The partiality, however, is clear and leaves some of us to speculate upon the identity.

    By using my name my political inclinations are clear to many, even most, of your readers. That does not prevent me from being critical in matters where I feel criticism to be justified. But I choose to be open about it.

  19. Yes, even the identities of pseudonyms are generally well known.

  20. to Mr/s Anonymous @00.26 - MPs do indeed get an allowance for running websites.

    HOWEVER, Lee Scott does not take this allowance; his website is run by epolitix and funded by the advertisements placed there.

    This is not political point-scoring, it is a matter of simple fact.

  21. I would think this anonymous contributor, so surprised at political insinuations and 'personal' references is not a councillor and has not much experience of public meetings either. This, because I have been told, by email, by somebody really in the know, that 'robust' exchanges are absolutely acceptable amongst councillors.
    I have kept quite a few 'beauties' on my stored emails.
    If you go into politics, it seems that you need to grow a thick skin, just in case you meet somebody with a sharp tongue.
    But, there an old saying about sticks and stones, ...
    Anyway, whilst musing, I still chuckle at the memory of an area 3 councillor asking a member of the public to 'apologise'. It was just like kids in the playground. (The apology did not materialise and play carried on.)

  22. So would that have created an apology for a councillor then?

  23. What makes me laugh is that a lot of contributors slate the Labour Party, and then say that Thatcher's biggest success was Tony Blair!! Says it all doesnt it.