Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sauce for the Goose ….

As reported earlier Homeowners who wish to pave over their front gardens are now subject to Planning Permission unless they use permeable materials. the slip road at the green man roundabout Then our friend from Redbridge Flood Action Group sends me this photograph of a slip road off the Green Man roundabout which leads to Leytonstone Tesco’s. The area of concrete to the rear was formerly open earth with grass similar to the banked area in the foreground. The perspective of the picture makes the concreted area look quite small but it is in fact larger than the banked area and big enough to park a lorry on – something which has been observed since.

So, I’m wondering; are Tesco's and Councils subject to the same planning approval for using permeable materials when concreting over such areas? Come to that what about surface Car parks, and roads, and pavements and airport runways? If not, why not?

Does anyone know?


  1. Me again!
    Can I just state that it is all well and good to have regulations but the ordinary person in the borough has not a clue about any regulations.
    I was talking to a friend (most interested in things regarding the council since she has had months of dealings with them re a faulty sewer imparting on their own sewerage system) and she was flabbergasted when I mention the new regulations for front gardens.
    If she does not know, I would think a massive proportion of the population do not know either.
    The council are supposed to inform residents if they apply to lower the pavement across their front gardens. (That is another ridiculous state of affairs: lower the pavement and claim ownership of parking rights right across your property!)
    My 'rant a day' done? Don't think so.

  2. Thought you was not allowed to rant anymore Anne

  3. Only at Redbridge council cabinet meetings - it seems to upset Councillor Stark!

  4. [Thought you was not allowed to rant anymore Anne.]
    I think it was just a storm in a teacup and, as far as I know, it's just forgotten and I am free to moan politely and within the rules.
    Now, if you want to hear me rant, break the rules at the allotment! (I'll remind you!)

  5. Look! There's 'concrete' evidence here that things just ain't the best for the community.
    Richard Cooper RSC and RFF.
    At an RSPB Meeting 18th November 2008 - we were told that several thousand voles are living happily in Essex. Is there anyone out there who remembers how the water-rat was persicuted not more than 10 years ago. PS Water-rat(Arvicola terrestris ) = Vole (Arvicola terrestris).
    The South Bank! Was it not? Where they grew grass on a concrete wall! Now that was imagination, expression of forward thinking, and good behaviour by "The Powers That Be" to improve the environment etc.
    It came through after all the "shouldn't" says and the "can't" be dones.
    Richard Cooper for RSC and RFF