Sunday, November 02, 2008

Remember, Remember .....

a firework displayFirework Display
Wanstead Rugby Football Club
Wednesday 5th November 2008
7pm for 7:30pm
Entry £3 per head
Bonfire, Barbeque, Bar
[stout weatherproof footwear is recommended]
Locals will know that in 2006 part of the club site was used by Barhale as a base for their works on behalf of Thames Water in Chigwell Road. This was extended to the early part of 2007 to cover similar works in Wensleydale Avenue.
The planning permission for the reinstatement and landscaping took some while to progress and was still awaited this time last year. It has now been completed and makes this section of the road look much nicer and well maintained. Once the planting matures it will look even nicer. Next door, work is well under way for the two new fishing lakes on the former Old Monovians Football ground.


  1. OOh, Wanstead RFC in Roding Lane North, on the very same night that Area 3 will be considering yet more speed humps in that very road.

    Nowhere in the report does it mention that there is ALREADY seven full width speed humps AND a chicane at the Northern end of Roding Lane North.

    How did seven full width speed humps AND a chicane manage to get installed on a STRATEGIC ROUTE?

    The reports is going to Area 2 on the 11th November 08, if this gets the go ahead Roding Lane North will become one of the most cluttered streets in the borough, with a mis match of kerb build outs, speed cushions, seven speed humps and a chicane, not to mention the width restrictors in Marston Road.

    Highway officers should concentrate on the fundamentals, I'E address the back log of REPAIRS, not installing yet more "traffic calming" measures.

    Get the priorities right.

    Clear The Streets....


  2. Try telling that to the self-appointed mouthpiece of the local community and illegitimate, inauthentic and de-facto Neighbourhood Watch Emperor/ “Area Co-ordintor” [unrecognised, unapproved, unchecked, unkempt and unwashed by the Redbridge Police] and whose annexed “Watch Area” covers several other Legit and Police approved Watches.

    He has just, 18th September Full Council, submitted a petition [started in 1998] with a 13 page rant/covering letter, [including unauthorised reproduction of Neighbourhood Watch logos as well as the Metropolitan Police logo, on which he was personally warned a few years ago by then Borough Commander, John Boylin] outlining his disapproval of traffic conditions in RLN.

    I am aware of at least two major RTAs caused by the chicane [the debris and collateral damage was there for some time afterwards], but having said that the junction with Marston Road is a problem. On one occasion a car ended up upside down on top of another car on a resident’s driveway. The two nurses who lived nearby at that time were both off-duty and dealt with the situation as best they could before the Air Ambulance arrived.

    I must say that if this man’s allegation, in the rant noted above, about a “dishonest and malicious individual de-facto within the Neighbourhood Watch movement locally” and which refers to “the many people conned by this man”, then surely the Police would have taken action. Unfortunately, the Police seem powerless to deal with him and his brazen contempt for the legitimacy of other Neighbourhood Watches who wish to generate genuine local involvement without dictatorship.

  3. The individual to whom you refer has much in common with my suggested replacement for the Routemaster - off his trolley.

  4. Apparently this same person made representations to Area 2 committee on 16th July 2008 on precisely this subject
    Item 7(iv) “made a number of detailed observations about traffic conditions in Roding Lane North. In view of the detail being mentioned, we asked that a copy of Richard’s notes be sent to all members of the Committee so that they can be considered outside the meeting.”

    Here they are. A learned scholar and PhD who’s parents were both teachers of the old kind and skilled in the importance of the 3 Rs.

  5. I think the person you refer to is even more repetitive than I am.
    Why is he not given restrictions on his freedom of speech when I am?
    After all, Area 2 has very prominent councillors, some of them know what to do about persistent complainers.
    Perhaps they enjoin listening to him? (He can pack a lot of words in his five-minutes worth at area meetings, much more than I can pack in my two-minutes worth at Cabinet.)

  6. "As I was going down the stair
    I met a man who wasn't there.
    He wasn't there again today.
    I wish that man would go away!"

  7. B21 - I see hoardings that Redbridge have a FW Display at Melborne Field - Why can't they say it's adjoined to Valentine's Park? That would make the venue more clear methinks!

    Aside: at least Redbridge have not thought of this one YET!
    Camden Council no longer holds a public display in November on Primrose Hill. The Police have requested that the public are reminded that it is against Royal Park regulations to set off fireworks and they will be on Primrose Hill to ensure the rules are kept.
    Mind you fireworks displays and other events are NOT against Royal Parks Regs - However, You do have to ask permission - Yes even HRH Prince of Wales does too - does anyone remember his last Do?

  8. According to the Ilford Recorder the Melbourne Field event has been called off.