Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It Never Rains

rain clouds Since I no longer use Gants Hill tube station as a regular commuter and my contact down that way has done likewise, I was wondering. The weekend was rather wet, and on Monday it absolutely chucked it down. Precisely the conditions for a flash flood.

As expected the River Roding reached near critical state on Tuesday – it takes a while for the upstream water find its way down here. The Redbridge Flood Action Group tried to contact the council to no avail and recommend that anyone at risk of flooding use The Environment Agency Hotline which is: 0800 80 70 60 - this is an emergency and river-incident hotline only.

However, things appear to be improving at Gants Hill Tube Station. I’ve had a report from a concerned Gants Hill resident by the name of Colin who reports that on Sunday only the subway section from Clarence Avenue to the other side of Eastern avenue was ankle deep in water.

It would appear that the drainage works have had some effect and at least the lobby and tube station itself were not affected as on previous occasions. Commuters will be pleased.

Not so, parents at Oakdale School. The underpass to the north of Charlie Browns roundabout did get flooded, again, so report Roding Ward councillors at the Area Committee 2 meeting on Tuesday evening. This of course means parents and children crossing six lanes of the A406 to get to school. Not exactly a “safe route to school” and definitely not covered by a 20MPH Zone or speed bumps.

Going back to Colin of Gants Hill he reports receiving a copy of the “Gants Hill Town Plan” through his letterbox last week. He asks why they are to close the exit from the subway to Eastern Avenue north side to the west of the roundabout? And points out that the bus stops on Cranbrook Road north of Gants Hill towards Barkingside have been moved further away from the subway, when most people who use the bus stops also use the subway.

Sorry, Colin, I am not in a position to explain the reasoning of TfL who are the body responsible.


  1. It's all part of the great Redbridge plan to make travel so damned difficult (Barkingside High Street, George Lane/High Road, Clements Road Ilford, Gants Hill, Cranbrook Road Ilford, Ley Street, Horns Road, Seven Kings area, Manford Way, Woodford Bridge, Claybury Broadway, Redbridge roundabout, Wanstead High Street) that everybody gives up in utter despair.

  2. Am I praying for Redbridge Council and other authorities to learn joined-up-thinking and to use common sense.
    Meanwhile all hands to the pumps for responsible residents regardless of the excuses offered so freely in some quarters.
    Richard Cooper RSC and RFF