Friday, October 24, 2008

Old Maps

1880 Ordnance Survey overlayed with current A-Z road map for ClayhallClick graphic for larger view, 183 KBts

This is a section of the 1880 Ordnance survey maps of what is now Clayhall, overlayed with a section of the current A-Z street map.
Running from bottom left to centre top is Woodford Bridge Road, the road to Woodford Bridge, and which is now Roding Lane North and part of Roding Lane South. A small section of Woodford Bridge Road retains its name where Beal School can be found.
The lines are not only field boundaries but also drainage ditches operating on gravity and all feeding down to the River Roding just about where the electricity sub-station now is. This is still the main outlet for the housing estate drains which take surface water run-off. Some of the ditches still exist today. There is the one on Hurstleigh Gardens Open Space and another between the Cemetery and Nursery in Roding Lane North.
Some of the woods also still exist. The remnants of Tilekiln Wood [centre] can be seen adjacent to The Glade School and part of the Ash Plantation remains behind Repton Court. The Cocked Hat Plantation is still there, but the corridor of trees linking it to Hospital Hill Wood has been cut back and now only the bit north of Ravensbourne Gardens is still there, running beside the new lake in Claybury Park.
Bottom right you can see Trinity Church Barkingside and Dunspring Lane.

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  1. Drainage ditches - well done B21 - where does that water go now then?
    Richard Cooper Redbridge Flood Forum.
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  3. Richard - you may find a lot of the water is draining off into the new project on the Old Monrovian site, being developed by a friend of mine - fishing lakes.

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