Sunday, October 05, 2008


a global warming mugA couple of weeks ago while I was on my way to visit my son, I was following a car which had the Middlesborough Football Club crest etched into the rear window. A few years ago I was in the office of the Redbridge Borough Commander, then John Boylin, who had a Sunderland FC mug on the shelf.

This is merchandising. It is these things that enable footballers to earn take home million pound pay packets while the carer’s of their parents are paid £6 an hour.
So, I’m not quite sure what to make of this - A Global Warming Mug. When you put hot water in it shows which bits of land are going to flood. Hmmm, isn’t over consumption the problem? And what of our currently unstable financial markets, that have been living beyond OUR means? Those saver guarantees offered by governments, [who don’t actually have any money of their own], Germany is the latest, are underpinned by – the taxpayer, er the depositor. We are about to disappear up our own …… I fear that those who worship the market [rather than respect, and the same goes for Nature] are about to find out just how powerful it is.

Nevertheless, it’s on my shopping list for Christmas presents.

It’s gonna be a bumpy ride – Happy Christmas.

Hat Tip: Eco street


  1. Talking of football is it true that an artful firm of solicitors has struck a sponsorship deal with Spurs - no win, no fee?

  2. Dicker will be pleased. Do you like the graphic of he and you on the previous post?

  3. When it comes to Redbridge-i and silence you could have had a photograph of 10 cabinet members with several top-ranking officers.

  4. For them it is a matter of choice.

    But that said, there would be the little problem of getting them all together for a photoshoot, especially on a Friday when they are all seem to be on their blackberries :)

  5. How clever, a mug with a message:

    Drink your tea cold and prevent flooding.

  6. Yes, Roger, if we all stopped boiling our kettles every 5 minutes who knows how many power stations would be redundant?

  7. And if we all would only live in unelectrified yurts, and smother ourselves in yak ghee instead of wearing clothes, the earth would undoubtedly be saved from being engulfed by the Sun in some 14 million years from now.

    Meanwhile, we could attend medical sessions with a shaman at KG Hospital, getting there in an emergency by ox-drawn cart.

    'Backwards, not Forwards' cried Greenpeace et al.

  8. "Progress just means bad things happen faster" - Granny Weatherwax

    I'm sure, Judith, that there are a few "babies that have been thrown out with the bathwater", that you would bring back?

  9. Engulfed by the Sun (sic!) Judith? Does that include page 3?

  10. Possibly, dear B21, but I had been severely irritated by that dopey rep from Greenfriendsofthepeacearth on the news today talking piffle and codswallop about the new powerstation at Kingsnorth and renewables, so reacted badly when sauntering past here this afternoon.