Monday, October 27, 2008

For Visitors to Barkingside

Just in case you happen to be of a nervous disposition, elderly, pregnant, or have a bladder/ prostate condition and are reliant on existing maps rather than up-to-date local knowledge.

a map of the Fullwell Cross areaI was just looking at the Multi-Map site working out the delivery schedule for our hard copy newsletters when I noticed that they still display the Public Toilets sign at the Fullwell Cross roundabout, which made way for a block of flats several years ago.

Mind you if you look a little further south we do still have a swimming pool and a Post Office. I suppose we should be thankful for small mercies.

At least you can still post a letter. Swimming is somewhat problematic due to the recent rise in demand.

UPDATE: The Wanstead and Woodford Guardian report that the Redbridge Pensioners Forum are on the case, while it is noted [click and scroll down] that the i-map on the Council website has loads of information on the location of services, except Public Toilets.

UPDATED UPDATE: The i-map on the council website now shows Public Toilets under the Community layer. If only the replacement of such facilities was so swift.


  1. So if you had a sudden need and only this map, then you could be put to significant inconvenience.

  2. Good news- at Area 3 meeting last night,it was confirmed that a Public Toilet is coming in the Spring (one assumes next Spring) although the colour scheme is yet to be decided, although there were suggestions of a nice peach, with Laura Ashley curtains. However there are some drawbacks, it will have a “counter balanced floor” to prevent vandalism, we went through a number of variations that might trigger the anti –vandalism mechanism , 1 twenty stone person or 2- 10 stone people, a mother with a baby and a buggy, a person with a dog, it would seem that none of these combinations will trigger the mechanism, fortunately, however the anti vandalism mechanism is pretty drastic, the doors spring open to 5 feet wide, and you get doused with cold water, which brings a whole knew meaning to washing your hands afterwards. I cant wait, but on second thoughts I think I will wait, in case it goes wrong and I get an early shower.


  3. As discussed in earlier posts. Hit the "Public Toilets" label to review.

  4. Referring to dopeyf's comment, I must assume that the post is 'serious', this is the case normally. Can somebody explain to me how vandalism and heavy weights are linked?
    I am sorely lacking in imagination.

  5. Is it such good news?

    They demolished a traditional form of public convenience at the Oakfield site in order to flog off the land for flats. Now they propose to place one of those ghastly French metal box things in the High Street requiring you to put 20p in a slot to use it. If you stay too long the doors fly open exposing the occupant to the world and who is doused in water.

    I would suggest that 7 of the current cabinet members should be the first customers and we can all pay to watch it happen to them. Street entertainment - but Leisure Services would probably demand their consultancy fee....