Sunday, September 14, 2008


Wanstead Leisure Centre Gym - full of machines that USE rather than GENERATE electricity Following consultation in 2006 the London Borough of Redbridge agreed to transfer Fullwell Cross & Ilford Leisure Centres, Cricklefields Athletic Ground and Ashton Playing Fields to a charitable leisure trust. The new service began operating in April 2007 under the name Vision - Redbridge Culture & Leisure.

The idea of delivering leisure services through the form of a charitable trust has been successfully put into practice in many other local authorities in order to sustain and develop the service.

The company is overseen by a Board of Director Trustees including seven Community representatives, a staff representative and 2 local Councillors. The day to day operation is led by Keith Newton - Managing Director who was appointed in November 2007. Keith joined Vision having worked in the leisure industry for over 30 years including 5 years as Director of Sport and Leisure for a charitable leisure trust in West London.

We understand that Fairlop Waters and the new Cycling facility at Hog Hill are to be transferred to Vision in the near future.

Redbridge Cycle Centre

Is a brand new £4.5 million state of the art cycling centre at the eastern end of Forest Road. A unique facility in South East England it can host national and international events as well as providing a facilities for local residents, and will be open to the public from 20th August 2008.


We have not finalised the arrangements yet, but we intend to hold a meeting entitled “Redbridge Sport – The Future” up at the Redbridge cycle centre on Friday 24th October 2008. Keith Newton and Lee Scott MP should be on our panel of speakers, so watch out for the details.

One question I really really want to ask is why oh why do treadmills in Gyms USE electricity?
Try this.


  1. Joan of Arc had visions - and we all know what happened to her.

  2. Well there was not a lot of vision as the pool is now closing, and Cricklefields is about (so the council think) to become an Academy.Meanwhile, huge amounts of time and money are being spent on studies and presentations for the Academy, without the release of the covenants, Baron Rowallen may not allow this. rearrange thes words into a well known phrase or saying Cart, Horse,Before - yet again, is there any nous or commonsense anywhere within Officers and Councillors? Their time could be better spent (councillors and officers) answering relevant questions from Council Tax Payers.

    People might think that I am hyper critical of the Council (officers and Councillors), that is only because, they give me plenty of opportunity, delay, spin,non decisions and bad decisions, If only I did not have to be critical!


  3. In the TV series "Washington behind closed doors" one of the Presidents aides remarks "I am doing my best". His colleague replies "that's what worries me."

  4. Re the comment about Joan of Arc: not only I am French, but having been educated at the Lycee Jeanne d'Arc, in Rouen, I am more than aware of her sad end.
    I would not mind a massive bonfire at the allotment this autumn. Effigies only, I am too soft.

  5. Shame the borough didn't spend some of that £4.5million on a cycling centre repairing the roads going to it.

    Ley Street southbound carriageway near Wards Road Junction is a disgrace, like crossing the Alps.

    The cycling centre hasn't inspired many Redbridge staff to take up cycling. The bike rack at Station Road centre with hundreds of staff is usually almost empty