Tuesday, September 23, 2008

From the Guardian

a blackberry Gravy Train slowed down but still running. Having been criticised by a government watchdog about the number of Redbridge councillors on “special allowances” a move was made last week to increase the number by Council leader Alan Weinberg. The amendment was defeated and the number eventually reduced from 43 to 34. There are in total 63 councillors so that is still over half. Full article.

a mobile phoneOnly 150 motorists were prosecuted for using a mobile phone whilst driving in Redbridge during the past year. This compares to 1,800 in neighbouring Waltham Forest. I am astonished at how dangerous the roads are in our next door borough and what goody-two shoes we Redbridge drivers are. Full article.


  1. mr angry of fullwell5:46 pm, September 23, 2008

    The Fullwell Ward councillors did not vote in favour of this foolish proposal; for this, they are likely to be censured by the Conservative Group.

  2. I believe a meeting of Conservative members has already been called by the Leader. (German for "Leader" is "Fuehrer").

    No doubt those who voted in accordance with their conscience will suffer the same bullying and persecution as Harry Moth did. Conscience is something the current leadership fails to understand.

    Roll on 6 May 2010.

    As to the police and mobile phone matter, the police in Redbridge are not remotely interested in road safety.

  3. The use of the word "Leadership" in this context is an abuse of the English language.

    Unfortunately, bullies beget bullies and the example is set from the very top.

  4. Something which has just dawned on me is that some cabinet members (at least one for sure) get away with murder by simply passing on any query to 'my officers', without bothering to name the officers and why more than one officer is needed for a specific question, who knows?
    Then the poor officers have to write a reply which can then be read out at Cabinet and when the recipient of the reply complains, the beleaguered officer has to reply again and is not a happy bunny. In my case, what is hilarious, is that I was complaining about the lack of transparency ( one way to put it) from specific officers, the same ones who were called upon to respond.
    Why is the Cabinet member paid at all, I don't know!
    And I begin to understand the references to the muppet show.

  5. I'm not really certain, Anne, that Muppet Show is the correct analogy. Punch & Judy might be more appropriate, or even Muffin the Mule.

  6. Yes - the mad hatter's tea party, and the Queen of Hearts making her two demands: "Off with their heads", and "Sentence first, verdict afterwards".

  7. "Beware the Jaberwock my son!
    The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
    Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
    The frumious Bandersnatch!"

  8. And they sailed away in a pea green boat. If only!

    Walking around Redbridge, I am constantly seeing drivers using mobile phones. So the pathetic 150 caught so far shows just how useless our local police are. And where are they to stop all those motorists using the new supposed bus/taxi lanes in Clements Road? That stretch of road is more dangerous than before, now that the old kerbs have gone.

  9. It's intended as part of Vanity (they call it Unity - some even call it Nudity) Square that nobody really wants and will cost a mint of money. The financing is predicated upon the receipts from the sale of land and property in the locality. Those values, of course, have plummeted with the property crash leaving a gaping void in the arithmetic.

    What price the "Conversation"?

  10. Morris, re the drop in the value of the land, a very simple answer: sell more (Not my idea, the idea of one conservative councillor from area 2 and I am not hundred per cent sure which one because the conservatives all sat clustered together behaving like naughty school children at the back of the classroom.) So, the big companies, with loads of dough will give the cash and acquire lots of land which, bar catastrophy on a massive scale, will become valuable sooner or later.
    Cllr Chan, at the first full council meeting I attended said that, in crisis, you sell as much of the family silver as necessary to obtain the needed cash. (He was talking about the state of disrepair of many schools and that seems to be a serious problem too.)
    What a state of affairs.

  11. Interesting that this story should come from the Guardian. Why not the Ilford Recorder??? One might start to think that the Ilford Recorder (or the Editor, at least) doesn't want to anger the lovely and fragrent Redbridge Council,l and wants to keep "in its good books" so to speak...

  12. Anne, the catastrophe is here now, the major housing development companies are in dire financial straits now that the bubble has burst, they will not be able to add to their landbanks.

    Since private purchasers will find it difficult to get mortgages, the only house-building to be done will be, in theory, by Housing Associations and Councils. But where does their money come from? Well, from the Government (which is due to borrow even greater sums this and next year), and taxation - draw your own conclusions.

  13. Judith, I was thinking of big companies money rich and land hungry, like big supermarkets.
    I understand they too could take a dive but I thought they had quite a lot of money floating around especially if land was going cheap. (I am not an expert at all, just musing.)
    We were told that the allotments would be sold purely to raise cash.( The land for the house building programme in Redbridge having already been selected.)
    We were told that, since we would be relocated, it was selfish of us to object.
    When we asked: relocated, where?, we were told not to worry about it, it would be easy to find us a nice safe relocation.
    But, do we trust?
    Redbridge is in total turmoil.
    What is worrying is that is under Conservative leadership when we can see what has happened under a so called Labour government!
    What can we do?

  14. One could well argue, Anne, that in both places they have leaders but lack leadership. In the case of Redbridge's Conservative Group the leaders cannot - will not - recognise individual views. They expect their members to act blindly and obediently as lobby fodder. Consequently there is no place for a group of people, only a flock of sheep is required.

    Well done Ann Candy, Robert Cole, Nick Hayes, and Harold Moth. You are putting people before self.

  15. Anne, I see your point, but have to ask:

    Who would be so stupid as to sell a finite, valuable asset at a ridiculously low price (ok, I know that Gordon Brown did that with gold back in 98, one of many asinine tricks that got us to where we are today)?

    And as the Council must spend on genuine needs such as education, roads and care for the elderly, surely a sensible Administration would be looking to take tough measures to cut expenditure radically in other areas?

    Perhaps any councillors reading this would care to comment?

  16. Judith,
    I was just browsing and I saw your sensible email regarding planning your budget carefully.
    I know your are politically knowledgeable but, as I don't know what you look like, I don't know if you go to council meetings where you can see the Cabinet Cllrs in action.
    (Here, I must make one exception, before I carry on.)
    You would despair because they (but one) appear to be under a 'spell', an evil one at that.
    Now, I hear dreadful gossip about
    'deals on the golf course', a very old chesnut, I know.
    To keep B21 happy, I will not name the golf course. Perhaps, somebody will.