Saturday, September 20, 2008

Exit Strategy

an exit sign showing a man running into a brick wallNext Thursday there is a special meeting of the Leisure, Culture and Olympics Scrutiny Committee down at the Town Hall. The main agenda item is the "Exit Strategy" for the Ilford Swimming Baths. It has been known for some considerable time that this facility is at the end of its useful life and will have to be closed. This puts the burden of swimming facilities onto the only remaining pool in the borough at Barkingside. Not everyone is going to be relocated though, and the pressure on regular users at Barkingside will undoubtedly be felt.

It is a shame that previous administrations of this Borough did not have the foresight and financial acumen to predict this event and put in place financial arrangements to replace the facility at the end of its life. It’s what we do, isn’t it. We know that the things we buy, like washing machines and cars will need to be replaced, so we put aside finances to do so when the time comes. Is it too much to ask of our elected representatives that they manage and plan their budgets with some financial prudence and not fritter it all away on Consultants for grandiose vanity projects that never seem to materialise?

Yes, it is not all the fault of the present administration, BUT, it is worth noting that one member of the present cabinet was a member of the previous Labour Administration, and another was, I believe, a Conservative Leader of the Council prior to that.

Exit strategy indeed!


  1. They only know one "exit strategy": sauve qui peut!

  2. There could be some interesting psephology coming up soon.
    Th national picture of an administration in turmoil with an inept, ineffective and clueless leader whose past mistakes have now caught up with him, may well be mirrored in this locality.

  3. Well, now we know what the exit strategy is- the quicker the better. Why wait for December


  4. your comment has arrived while I was preparing a new post on this very subject. go see.