Sunday, August 17, 2008

Top Green Blogger

top green blooger 2008 logoLast year I was gobsmacked that this blog was in Jim Jay’s top 20 Green blogs, compiled for Iain Dale’s Guide to Political Blogging. This year the rating has improved from 16 to 7.
Cooeeee. Cock-a-doodle-loo.

This year’s top 20 are listed below; feel free to have a browse around. You can vote for your favourite over on the right hand side bar. I am really disappointed that Dorothea is not in this year’s list but that’s because she’s all but stopped blogging and is spending her time on her allotment.

Now, the keen eyed will observe that there are TWO blogs in the Top 20 which are resident in Barkingside. See if you can spot the other one, and Yes, she is a member of Barkingside 21.

Two Doctors
2. Bean Sprouts
3. Green Girls Global
4. Kitchen Witch
5. Ruscombe Green
6. Peter Tatchell
7. Barkingside 21
8. Earthpal
9. Greenpeace UK
10. Stuart's Big Green Spot
11. Flesh is grass
12. Gaian Economics
13. Johnny Void
14. Coventry Green Party
15. Jenny Jones
16. Philobiblon
17. Ecostreet
18. Hippy Shopper
19. Transition Culture
20. Alice in Blogland


  1. Hmmmm. That's not actually the list in the book. I will be publishing that on Tuesday. Watch this space.

  2. Well done!

    Will you be writng a post for Blogger's World Poverty Day?

  3. Iain,

    This is Jim Jay's list.

    I'll cover your list later - if I'm in it!!

  4. Coxsoft,
    Thanks, Yes, I daresay someone will remind me nearer the time.

  5. Congratulations B21, you deserve it.