Sunday, August 03, 2008

Conversation Data

some bloke sitting on a You Choose liveried TaxiThe headline “results” for the Big Conversation are published on the Council website, click here.

These of course are not the results, they are a high level compilation of the data supplied by contributors to the “You Choose” Redbridge conversation.

The “results” are what “They Choose” to do with it.

What happens next is explained here, click.

The date for your diary is 3rd November 2008.


  1. On the redbridgei 'you choose' topic, in what happens next, they say that the CPCP will meet during September and October. I cannot see the dates in the official calendar. I do not know if those meetings will be open to the public or not. (At the last allotment forum meeting we were told only about one date 24th October 2008.
    Wiser people than me might have all the dates but I would say anybody interested in the process should be aware of this.

  2. Will they continue to change the date until they get the result they want??

  3. Glenn Corfield, the Chairman of CPCP, advises that Officers are still in the process of collating the information from the Conversation. Arrangements are being made for a possible meeting in early September, perhaps for a half day, followed by two further meetings later in September. However, he emphasises that the dates which are being consulted upon have yet to be confirmed and therefore no meetings have so far been scheduled. Either, the officer in charge or he will let us know when the next meeting is as that information becomes available which should, hopefully, be very soon.

  4. I am interested to know how the council can claim efficacy on this Big Conversation, and use the results to make decision on what to flog off and not.
    P.S Is that Elizabeth in the cab?

  5. I notice that there are now 5000 + replied to the Big Conversation. So much for Cllr Barden's "Silent Majority".

    I wonder if most of the respondants were the pupils at the schools they paid.


  6. In reply to my request for the totals of the various categories this reply was posted on the Forum

    Dear all,
    We are not publishing these details at the moment. However, we do have a timetable for the next steps of the Conversation published on here: Redbridge Conversation timetable.

    We have also published headline results and findings from the online version of you You Choose on the Conversation site.


    I think that says it all!
    we are only allowed to know the results, whatever they may be.


  7. Dear dopeyf,
    I understand that some people posted the leaflet, unfilled because they did not understand the accountancy choices offered to them. They simply wrote a note on the back page asking to leave the allotment alone.
    So, how will that count?
    I tried to make sense of the figures, it was utterly impossible, so I just balanced a few million pounds on both sides!
    So, not very helpful either.

  8. Did you change the figures, Anne?
    No doubt we will have another Moveable Feast September and October becoming november an December!


  9. Dear Dopeyf,
    I thought we were asked to be creative with the figures!
    I don't think I have anymore paper questionnaires to check!
    If I genuinely got it wrong, what are they going to do with my contribution? (I suppose they will check now how many copies came from our postcode, bearing in mind that there are more than one household per postcode and more more than one occupier per household as well.) Although, apparently, clever clogs register as single household, 25% off the council tax, and disproving that is not very easy!
    And whoever is staying in the backyard, there are hundreds of good reasons for that! Temporary? Oh, yes,yes,yes. Resident? Oh, no, no, no!

  10. Just to make dopeyf moan even louder, it appears that the Big Conversation 'forgot' about a large allotment site: Roding Farm, off Nutter Lane.
    This site is leased to Walthamstow and is used as one of their allotment sites.
    Now, further research is needed to find out if ,'they, Walthamstow' have an up-to-date lease!
    Saying it's on flood plain won't wash (!!!) because other sites listed on the Big Conversation are flood plains as well.

  11. Who is that making the taxi look untidy?

  12. Pass your cursor over the image to read the caption.