Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another Gong

Top Green blogger 2008 logo Well, I had thought that Jim Jay’s Top 20 Green Blogs was going to be included in Iain Dale’s Guide to Political Blogging, but not so. Iain has a different list and it was produced by a different method. Still, Barkingside 21 is still in there, this time at number 10. Quite rightly Jim Jay himself is at number 1.

1. The Daily (Maybe)
2. Two Doctors
3. Another Green World
4. Coventry Green Voice
5. George Monbiot
6. Green Ladywell
7. Philobiblon
8. Flesh is Grass
9. Peter Cranie
10. Barkingside 21
11. Paul Kingsnorth - Know Your Place
12. Transition Culture
13. Greenman's Occasional Organ
14. Jason Kitcat
15. La Lutte Continue
16. Ruscombe Green
17. Conservengland
18. Rupert Read
19. Adrian Ramsay
20. Scribo Ergo Sum

Iain’s list was compiled by votes sent to Total Politics. Each person nominated 10 blogs in order of preference. Their favourite was awarded ten points, their second favourite nine points and so on down to one point.

With Jim there was an open nomination process. Then each blog on that list is marked out of ten in ten categories including design, writing style, etc. Taken together popularity and interactivity (which includes comments) make up 20% of the total score making it a vital component
This year there was an additional twist in that the scoring compiled the top twenty and then he opened it up to a panel of the four former winners of the awards (best blog and people's choice) who, in conjunction with the scoring, helped determine the order of the top 20.

The reason that blogs like Conservengland and Green Ladywell are not in Jim’s list is because they have gone through a period of inactivity, but that doesn’t stop them being popular.

Disclaimer: Both lists are for “Green” blogs, not “Green Party” blogs. Although as you would expect the Party does feature in both lists. Barkingside 21 is, or tries to be, non-party political.

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