Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Things to Come

an artist's impression of how the highwalk at Montague Place will look From Landscape News:

Montague Place behind the British Museum is to be transformed into “an exciting cultural space by a two-storey high ramped walkway.”
“The street is reinterpreted as a series of places formed by the changing height, shape and profile of the temporary promenade.”
“…[it] rises up to four metres at its peak and knits into the existing landscape – plane trees puncture the stage and landmarks such as the British Museum and Senate House are used as focal points.”
"Above all, the short life of this installation will present an opportunity to heighten awareness of the architecture, landscape and details within an urban environment that are otherwise passively disregarded day-to-day in Montague Place.“

With just a little alteration the above could be applied to Clements Road Ilford. Now that I have brought it to everyone’s attention don’t be surprised if you see something similar in the next edition of “Redbridge Life”.

Any suggestions for a new name for this “thoroughfare”?

Hat tip: Richard.


  1. What about Wino Walk


  2. Who is funding the Bloomsbury guff? Not the taxpayer, I hope.

  3. It is commisioned by "New London Architecture"

    "New London Architecture is funded by companies and organisations that have an interest in promoting and improving the awareness of high quality design for the built environment in London to a professional and public audience."

    About NLA.

  4. Well, that sounds OK, thanks B21; my only problem is the use of the word 'installation', which has been hijacked by the Arts&Farts crowd who believe that unmade beds and people running through Galleries is Art.