Monday, July 28, 2008

Lost Traditions

the new Fairlop Oak on the Fullwell Cross roundaboutBack in the mid 18th century, every first Friday in July, much of east London decamped to the Essex countryside for a drunken knees-up. They headed to Fairlop, near Hainault, to feast and be merry under a great tree - the Fairlop Oak. Its branches were said to cast a midday shadow 300 feet in circumference, covering roughly an acre of land, and a seething mass of booths and stalls were laid out beneath its mighty span. This was Fairlop Fair, and over the decades it grew from a simple annual picnic into a tumultuous alcoholic riot.

So reports Diamond Geezer. Click for more. This year I was rather pre-occupied to notice. But it sounds good to me. Anyone else up for it next year? The Barkingside Traders?

This year we have Music in the Park on 24th August. Right idea, wrong date, wrong title. But be there anyway.

So we'll dance round the tree, and merry we will be,


  1. Getting drunk at the Fairlop Oak? That's an interesting thought - to do that you have to have good, quick service at the bar!

  2. I've not had any problems. It must be you, Morris!

    You need a twinkle in your eye to attract the barmaid (how's that for being politically incorrect?)