Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cardboard Recycling

a selection of cardboard packaging Well, it’s been on the cards for a while but we finally have some progress here in Redbridge. Cardboard recycling banks are being placed across the Borough for a trial period of one month. If this proves to be successful then they will be here to stay, says the Redbridge-i website.
The sites are:

· Sainsburys, Chase Lane, Newbury Park
· Tesco, High Road, Goodmayes
· Fullwell Cross Car Park, Fullwell Cross, Barkingside
· Tesco, Woodford Avenue, (Near Charlie Browns Roundabout)

Unfortunately it doesn’t say “when”, so I had to telephone and ask. They should be installed by the end of this week, 25th July. Also it’s not exactly a good time to trial something like this when everybody is jetting off on their summer holidays. Just after Christmas would be a good time, but hey let’s not complain, let’s use the facility and make sure it is successful.
Councillor Linda Eyre said: “Have fought hard for this. We are buying two vans this year to recycle cardboard and two next. If it succeeds, we will have door-to-door recycling in 2009/10.”


  1. I like the idea of cardboard recycling, but as it tends to be either bulky or large if squashed flat, just four places in an area as large as Redbridge, is only really accessible to those who have a car. There are lots of large boxes in my loft, collected over the years, but I can't really carry them on a bus to one of these sites.

    Gants Hill

  2. Yes, Colin, but it is a start and hopefully will lead to full kerbside collection.

  3. I despair. We are urged by all and sundry to recycle, and to be more environmentally aware, and the best that Redbridge can do is to choose 5 places to which taking the waste by car, burning fossil fuels, is almost inevitable. (Well I know a few old fossils at the town hall.....). The 5 sites can hardly be said to give borough-wide coverage. And for one month, covering the peak holiday period? Do they actually want it doomed to failure from the start??

    In addition to cardboard, a major item of packaging is plastic. There is nowhere to dispose of it. Take it to Chigwell Road, and there is a notice on the skip for plastic telling you that no food containers can be left there, only heavy-duty plastic. Put out your old copy of Yellow Pages (does anybody ever use them?) with your box and it is not taken away.

    For pity's sake, Redbridge, stop simply PLAYING at recycling and get on and do some.

  4. Er, I only listed 4 sites, is there another one I don't know about, Morris?

    I checked Craven gardens Car park last Thursday evening and there were two containers both empty. On Sunday afternoon I visited Tesco Woodford and there were two containers both full to overflowing.

    I quite like these type of sites because they can be used when a journey is made anyway. Even those without a car can use their empty shopping bag for recycling on the way there.

    But I do agree that plastic food packaging is a problem.

  5. You did indeed - just testing!!

    You are right about combining the journeys, however, we do not all shop in Tesco, and those of us familiar with Barkingside over many years know that Fullwell Cross is now a nightmare to be avoided during the daytime.

    Why not accept it in the black box for kerbside collection?

  6. To be more precise, Morris, it is a nightmare only during the parent run (how's that for being PC?).