Friday, July 11, 2008

Bats and Bras

Ashley Gunstock Down Wanstead way the Flats are being dug up to lay a new pipeline for Thames Water to link the new desalination plant in Beckton with a reservoir somewhere up in Epping. Trouble is it goes right through the residence of a local a Bat colony.

Wanstead & Woodford Guardian

Environmental campaigner, Ashley Gunstock [pictured] is worried that the disturbance will have an adverse affect on the colony as the young are learning to fly at just about this time of year.

Of course Thames Water have taken all reasonable steps and are in close contact with the Conservation Department of the City of London Corporation. Already new techniques have been used to relocate bats away from the affected site.

But have no fear. Bats are quite intelligent, resourceful and innovative when it comes to finding somewhere to park for the day.

Woman finds a baby bat in her bra – while she’s wearing it! Click!
For the technically minded it was a 34FF, that's the Bra not the Bat.

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  1. Hi - two points
    1. The pipeline is from Beckton de/sal to the reservoir at Woodford/Walthamstow.
    2. My bat-meter registers bats flying over the soil-spoil heaps. As this soil-spoil is to say the least a bit whiffy on exposure to air; flies and other insects are attracted to it. Thus the bats are having a bean-feast (insect-feast).
    Although the works are extensive I can see few problems on the wildlife front. Similarly, once the sites are re-claimed as habitat areas, there is every possibility that those areas will be more diverse as renewed, fresh habitats. As some of the forest areas, for example, have been changed dramatically over the past decade and more by the ceasing of grazing cattle, these works may well re-introduce plant species that are either within the soil-spoil (but dormant under the excessive 'matt' of grass) thus the original species may well flourish for several years after the replacement/repair work.
    I am sure the forest will return to a more diverse environment for at least - say - the next ten years or so.
    Richard Cooper