Monday, June 02, 2008

Recycle Week

a recycling boxCoxsoft reminds me that this week is mostly Recycle Week – starting today Monday 2nd June. But his interest is in the “art” created from recycled materials.

The BBC reports here and here and as can be seen there are lots of events taking place around the country. But I can’t find anything going on in Redbridge, probably too busy having a non-conversation. The week is sponsored by WRAP – see their TOP TIPS TO RECYCLE ‘ONE MORE THING’ RECYCLE WEEK ’08.

But what you will really be interested in is what happens to all the stuff we recycle here in Redbridge.

The graphic below can be found on the Shanks website as a 5.39Mbit PDF. What? Whatever possesses web designers to load up such heavyweights? Don't they realise that us web users are getting ruthless? I have cut and pasted it into a jpeg at 121Kbits, just for Coxsoft. Click the graphic to enlarge.

the recycling flowchart


  1. I've had to delete the old post and start again, so I'm cutting and pasting in the old comments which were lost.

  2. Let's mark the week by recycling the Leader and Cabinet.

  3. I would remind you, Morris, that the Waste Hierarchy is as follows:

    Do you wish to change your mind?

  4. Interesting. It's a four stage process, in line with the four year term to be served after election. We're now in year 3, I'm suggesting stage 3. Next year is year 4 and the electorate can dispose of some of them at the end of it. No prizes for nominations!