Saturday, June 07, 2008

Picture Imperfect

It seems we can get pictures from Mars but not Barkingside High Street.

“SEVEN new crime-fighting cameras are still waiting to be plugged in - and switched on - two months after they were installed.” Read the full report here and take a peak at Sergeant Chandler’s jaunty helmet.

Have we seen this before? Yes! At Gants Hill.

poster Secure under the watchful eyesOf course some see CCTV as a threat to civil liberties and others would argue it just doesn’t work, that is, fulfil the purpose for which it is provided. What do you think?

Big Brother
A view from Uncle Sam

A psychological view

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  1. Just joking: EDF is a French company?
    Also, what is happening re the security cameras in the Gants Hill Station underpasses? Sorted?