Monday, June 16, 2008

The New Broom

mangled railing opposite Claybury Broadway Those railings pictured above show what happens when large lorries turn into Clayhall Avenue from Woodford Avenue having not noticed the width restriction warning signs. The railings have been repaired twice since that photograph was taken. It is also not uncommon to see articulated lorries reversing out of Clayhall Avenue into a dual carriageway. We also have numerous smaller vehicles doing u-turns directly in front of a no u-turn sign and vehicles of all sizes illegally using the emergency vehicle access through the centre of the width restriction. Some two years ago Area 4 decided to have that access gated but nothing has happened. No surprises there.

The Brinkworth and Peel Neighbourhood Watch, the Wensleydale Neighbourhood Watch and Barkingside 21, plus an independent campaigner who we shall know as “H” have been banging on about this for some years.

H informs me that he has written to the new London Mayor about this junction and that the Mayor has passed it on to Mr David Baker from TFL, who then phoned H to say that he would come down to monitor the area. He did so last Friday and wrote to H immediately saying he was 'appalled' at what he saw. He is going to meet with certain people in Redbridge to discuss the road system and whilst he isn't promising anything, H is hopeful that something can be done. So are we!


  1. TfL should come down at about 8.45am, and watch the gridlocks that happen at that junction.

    And have a larf at the signposts, especially the biking one for South Woodford, pointing up to Gants Hill.

    Of course, the Council Leader has lived just round the corner from this mess for decades, but makes no attempt to deal with it.

  2. This is a road safety matter that should be dealt with by the police.

    It is all very well for the Commissioner to wring his hands about tampering with the statistics, but this is a matter of public safety that should have been dealt with years ago had not a Commissioner somewhere along the line depleted the Traffic Division.

    And now the local Borough Commander is on his way to pastures new after a fleeting visit to Redbridge, so what hope is there that the proper authority will ever enforce moving traffic offences that are contrary to the traffic signs at this spot?

  3. That's not the "H" from steps then ????? :-)

  4. I had to google that. I'm afraid they passed me by.