Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Metal Nickey

Drain cover At last weeks Redbridge Neighbourhood Watch Association AGM, a member asked about theft of lead flashing from the roofs of domestic premises. Apparently its getting to be a bit of a problem.

Over in north-west London, Harrow council have had up to £15,000 worth of drain covers stolen from roads in less than two weeks. BBC report.

I suppose we could nail them down, but then they’d nick the nails, they’re metal too.

So, if you see anything suspicious, take a description of the people concerned, note the vehicle they are using and its registration number and pass that information onto your local Neighbourhood Watch or your Safer Neighbourhood Team.


  1. With scrap metal prices at an all time high (driven by world markets) this is not surprising, ever noticed how few abandoned cars are now on the highway?

    Hursley Rd Hainault has seen a spate of thefts of cast iron drain covers, no doubt this will spead borough wide.

  2. I few roads in Ilford around Ilford station just lost a few too.