Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fairlop Youth Club

fairlop oak PC Towler of Fairlop SNT is attempting to create a list of suitable local volunteers who would be willing to help "staff and run" a local evening youth club.

He has secured a venue and has funds available to purchase equipment, he just needs to create a "pool" of persons who would be willing to meet with him and discuss their possible involvement in the future (No strings attached).

If after discussion with him you feel it's not for you then that's fine - however it is hoped to build up a list of appropriate people so as to get this much needed "Youth Facility" off the ground as soon as possible.

Please contact PC ADRIAN TOWLER on the following number if interested

PC Adrian Towler 214JI Fairlop ward SNT

020 7161 9364
Email for Adrian
Email for Fairlop SNT


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