Sunday, June 15, 2008

Crime Update

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Across the borough (but fortunately not Fullwell Ward) we have seen several recent distraction burglaries. The caller has been posing as a water board official to gain entry.
Also we have had an isolated incident of another old favourite, an Asian male 5’6” 30yrs, called at an address in Ewellhurst Rd claiming to be a neighbour asking to borrow money for petrol. Needless to say he was neither a neighbour, nor likely to ever repay the loan. On this occasion the resident did the right thing.
Please pass on especially to your elderly and vulnerable residents. Obviously please reoprt any further instances to Police, 999 if the suspect is still there or nearby. Apparently this hasn’t gone out on Ringmaster yet due to a technical difficulty.

Chris Chandler PS 18JI Fullwell SNT

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