Monday, June 09, 2008

The Beavers Return

a beaver Got this from Richard Cooper.

The beaver, extinct in Scotland for over 400 years is to be re-introduced.

“Beavers are well known for their positive impact on habitats and conditions for other species. By bringing these useful creatures back to their native environment we will have the chance to restore a missing part of our wetland ecosystems and re-establish much needed natural processes."

Scottish Government gives go ahead for beaver reintroduction

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  1. Aww - I had high hopes for the B21ers! No jokes about beaving at summer fayres, or beavering to get the Conversation into tip-top shape.
    I should point out that I was not advocating introducing these wonderful (not a cowboy builder among them) beavers to our River Roding - as has been suggested to me on two occasions - for we in Redbridge do not have enough land for these wonderful creatures, and it seems we may not have enough "beavers" or the human kind! Ho Ho Ho.