Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Queen of Chaos

Queens Hospital RomfordQueen’s ambulance chaos.

Patients at Romford’s Queens Hospital are being forced to wait for hours on ambulance trolleys in Accident and Emergency because there aren’t enough free beds. It means paramedics – who have to stay with a patient until they are formally admitted by A & E – are delayed, and ambulances are backed up outside the hospital.

Bid to beat Queen's bus blues

Meanwhile, fed up with spending nearly two hours to get to hospital, Upminster patients have launched a campaign to have the 248 bus route extended.

Buses for hospitals
(Item 2.2.9 of London Travel Watch, 19.02.2008: Redbridge public transport liaison group)

TfL said that this would be considered when firmer plans about the future of local hospitals had been drawn up by the primary care trust (PCT). I said whatever these were there was a big need now for Redbridge to be better bus-connected with the new Romford Queens Hospital, e.g. by extension of 86/247 from Romford station to Queens Hospital.


  1. The new Romford hospital should never have been built on such a small site; however, the decision was taken to put it there because the Constituency within which it falls was briefly held by a Labour MP who thought it would do her some good in the early years of the Blair Government.

    So we now have a hospital that is architecturally deficient (not in outward terms, but inside), that simply isn't big enough, and that does not have enough parking for staff or service-users.

    Currently, a friend who lives in Upminster must frequently take his sick wife or his wheelchair-bound son for outpatient appointments. He himself has recently had both knees replaced. Public transport is simply not an option, but he must leave home far earlier than necessary in order to take account of having to drive round and round the carpark, looking for a clear spot.

    At the end of last week, A&E at Queens was closed to incoming ambulances because the hospital was full. Anything more than 85% occupancy encourages the growth of MRSA.

    You will recall that the BHR Trust has nearly £40mill of debt, and the Dept of Health is insisting that cutbacks be made to reduce that debt.

  2. Well I've recently had an operation in Queens and I thought it was absolutely great. The staff couldn't do enough for me and the facilities were all first rate. I am grateful we have a brand new hospital near us. Yes, there are problems, there always is. But, it is all too easy to moan. There are many positives, we need to emphasise them sometimes.

  3. Good for you, anonymous - the (relatively)new Director of Nursing and the acting Chief Exec are obviously raising standards from where they were only a few months ago.

    By the way, how long were you in for?

  4. Joe Gooch (Barkingside)11:58 pm, May 20, 2008

    I agree with annonymous. Labour has invested in the NHS and we have a brand spanking new hospital in Romford. Not to mention more doctors and nurses. It's all too easy to forget that in 1997 the NHS was on it's knees from chronic underfunding. Yes there are many problems, but improvements have been made.

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  6. Trying to park at Queens is a disgrace. You have to drive around for uo to 1 hour within the car park! Also I've noticed that staff park in the public car park even though they have the 3rd floor car park and its absolutely empty. Ridiculas and an absolute disgrace.

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  8. I think the point is that the post is dated 2008, 2 years before Cam got his hands on the wheel.