Monday, May 19, 2008

Profit from Suffering?

Lions in cagesOn May 21st 2007 I posted this. They are due back about now.

Goodness knows our High Street needs a lift, more footfall, more trade from local people. But at what expense?

Any business should consider the negative aspects of any marketing alliance they make. Grumpy Old man, Weggis, gives his take on brand aversion here. And I am aware of a significant number of real animal lovers in these here parts who are also readers of this blog. If you see a poster you may wish to point this out to the proprietor. There is a template letter over on B21 Resources.

Anyone in doubt may wish to have a look at this website.

Everything you need to know about the use of animals in circuses.


  1. The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) is asking the people of Barkingside to boycott the animal circus currently touring the area.

    Animals don’t belong in a circus. The constant transportation from town to town for ten months each year and confinement for long periods means that a travelling circus can never meet all of the needs of these animals, whether lion or horse.

    Lions and tigers, like those used in the Great British Circus, are confined to cages. While some may have occasional access to 'exercise' cages, there are often only slightly larger than the travelling cage itself. Big cats are predators, designed to hunt, but their natural instincts and behaviours are frustrated by circus life.

    Claims by circuses that animals are stimulated by performances are false. In fact, the same tricks are generally repeated for years.

    Animals are trained away from the scrutiny of the public, politicians or welfare groups. Undercover investigations at circuses in the UK have revealed animals beaten with sticks, bars and whips and sick animals hidden from the RSPCA.

    There is no educational value in seeing these once proud animals reduced to performing tricks in an unnatural environment. Circuses teach a lack of respect for animals.

    CAPS is not opposed to circuses, only to the use of animals, and we encourage people to avoid animal circuses and instead visit one of the many excellent shows that rely entirely on human skills.

    We also ask people to write to their MP, asking them to encourage the government to ban the use of animals in circuses.

    Circuses YES, Animals NO.

    Paul Thomas
    Campaigns assistant

    The Captive Animals' Protection Society
    PO Box 4186
    M60 3ZA
    0845 330 3911

  2. pro bono publico5:33 pm, May 19, 2008

    Who needs to go to a circus when there's the Town Hall? No trained animals, just a bunch of clowns trained into raising their paws as instructed. Of course, if you want to see just one untamed one there's always the moth..........