Monday, May 19, 2008

It’s not Cricket

a village cricket match Or rather it is.

A sorry tale of despair over on Your Barkingside.
But scroll down for the happy ending.

Well, there was a post over at Your Barkingside, but they’ve taken it down. However, once it is accessed via an RSS link it stays there, so I can still see it.

This is the shortened story. The Barkingside Business Partnership in conjunction with Barnados is trying to organise a Barkingside Festival for the whole community on Sunday 24th August 2008. They had received a verbal agreement from the council to use the Barkingside Recreation ground on that day. They set about making enquiries for entertainment and family activities. Five bands were preliminary booked for a concert with a major band headlining and offering their services for charity. The local Radio station Time offered to compare the event and broadcast live on radio and the Ilford Recorder were also eager to be involved. They were hopeful of getting Lee Scott MP and Mayor Johnson to attend. The event was to be totally self financing.

Two weeks later, a full 14 days, the council informed them that they could not use the park on that day as it was already booked for a cricket match.

Alternative arrangements are being sought. I will let you know as soon as I find out.

UPDATE: 24th May 2008.
And now it Isn't.
"It is with great pleasure that since the mix up we had with the dates, the council and the Cricket clubs have managed to re-locate the sunday matches (for this we are truly grateful).
I sincerely thank you all for your help in resolving this matter and the festival is now booked for 24th August 2008 starting at 2pm (gates open 1pm) on Barkingside Recreation Ground on Cranbrook Road Barkingside."

Martin Neville, Pizza Hut

See Martin's comment attached to this post for further details


  1. What a disgrace. This council could not organise an orgy in a brothel.

  2. I had to look two of those words up on Wikipedia!

  3. Let me gues those two words - "disgrace" and "organise"?

  4. Yes, I am shocked that someone with your reputation should know about such things!

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  6. There were the days, "Alfred", where one's word was one's bond, even in business. The naivety comes in somebody expecting that to be the case with a public authority.

  7. Barkingside 21 apologises to Mr Burke for any offence caused by the publication of the earlier comment. It has now been removed.

  8. Hi There this is martin from The Barkingside Business Partnership, with an update for you all on the Barkingside Festival.

    It is with great pleasure that since the mix up we had with the dates, the council and the Cricket clubs have managed to re-locate the sunday matches (for this we are truly grateful)

    I sincerely thank you all for your help in resolving this matter and the festival is now booked for 24th August 2008 starting at 2pm (gates open 1pm)on Barkingside Recreation Ground on Cranbrook Road Barkingside.

    It is also with great pleasure to announce the Headline band of
    The Stars from The Commitments, singing the classics from the film of Mustang Sally, Hard to Handle and In the Midnight Hour in their hour and a half set which will start at 8pm.

    We have a great line up from two pm starting with a fantastic Led Zepplin tribute band LED ZEP TOO who have played with ex Choir Boy Aled Jones, who incidently swore he would never play with them again..

    Also playing are Tin Soldier, Rainbow Bridge, Lauren Derwent, Bryan Perez, and The Heaters who are the resident band at the New Crawdaddy Club in Billericay.

    Ticket will be on sale in Barkingside High Street from Thursday 29th May 2008 In Dannys Pie and Mash, With Love Florist, Slicks Barbers, Chadz Mensware, PMT Music in Romford South Street, The New Crawdaddy Club in Billericay and also online from the Barnardo's website.

    We all look foreward to seeing you there and again we must thank the support from the council and the local cricket teams who have accomodated the changes for us.

  9. It's not so much "Lucky the date was so far away" - more it is really lucky that the bands can be informed - as one connected with the International Ambassodors of Music Band and Choir movement, I know how crucial it is to date-align events. Never forget, that band or choir members most often travel long distances and are frequently booked for charitable occasions etc. etc. - so the organisation of your event seems unimportant to 'Redbridge' Council was it?
    As for cricket matches in public parks! If your park can not accomodate both a cricket match and your fair - then the park ain't big enough for a cricket match on its own in the park - remember the days of "sixes".
    Asides - Riverside Concern may appreciate an invite if you can find space.

  10. Newbury Park Memorial Concert - Thanks Ruth for a wonderful concert - I counted best part of just under 200 people turned up which in itself is marvelous.
    I think the inclusion of the lovely lady with the "sparkley" necklace was a good idea, mind you, I'm glad your male partner toned-down his sparkley necklace.
    I was very evident that a wonderful Thyme was had by all, probably due to the well chosen and variety of music.
    I am so glad I could visit your concert in between my own visits to the bands from the USA -
    Wow! You could say you were 'sandwiched between' Texas and Wisconsin! Now that's some achievement.
    Lets hope these Redbridge-concerts grow in Redbridge - as an addition too The Redbridge Music Festival - I'll make every effort to pop in there too.
    By the way - organize - Ruth you did a magnificent job - I know it ain't that easy, and the panic fraction when something seems not to turn up on thyme is exhausting.
    I hope you thanked the Redbridge Roadshow for the perfect sound quality etc.
    I must also give a thankyou to Alan Weinberg for being so approachable our chat was special for we had thyme to put forward our points of view in cordial surroundings and, I believe if others follow suit - much can be achieved for the Future of Redbridge.
    All in all a Great Day For Redbridge.
    Ruth - huggs -
    From Richard Cooper

  11. Well I just played the gig and it was exceptionally well organised and the bands were fantastic (excluding comment on my own band of course that is for others to say)
    What was a great pity was that the council, having nearly ruined it earlier as this blog explains, then went on to completely ruin it anyway.
    As I was told, hey decided to put £30,000 into a FREE event on the same day just a short way away. Drawing away a huge amount of potential support for this charity event. I really HATE the way councils can spend YOUR money upsetting the playing field. Sure we all want stuff for free but when there is a major paying CHARITY event going on is not a good time to give away taxpayers money.
    It should either have been held off for another weekend or another day OR there should have been a nominal charge just to play fair.
    As a result of the council acting so inconsiderately Barnardos was made to suffer.
    Its one thing if you put on a commercial venture and it suffers from competition from another, better, commercial venture; that's business. But a charity event destroyed by a council event is not only "not cricket" its not even football!


  12. Redbridge Carnival
    is having a few problems with the Council too.