Friday, May 23, 2008

Honey Bees and Elderflower Cordial

inspecting the hiveOver at the Forest Farm Peace Garden after a wet early April, the Forest Farm honey bees were thrilled to be out foraging on a sunny Sunday afternoon – and some curious work-shoppers got busy too, building frames for the new beehives and making beeswax candles on the fire. Local beekeeper Andy gave a tour inside the hives, spotting queens, honey stores and the next generation of worker bees in their cells. This was an Introduction to Beekeeping session. You missed it? Well, if you are interested in finding out more about bees contact Gareth.
a tray of honey beeselderflowerDuring May the elder flowers were out, and the cordial team lead by Fiona was out harvesting them on the 12th - Elderflower Cordial Day. With sterilized bottles set aside, two buckets of flowers are now busy infusing into the lemony-sugar syrup cooked up in the portacabin, ready for straining and bottling later that week. Fancy having a go yourself? Then get harvesting quickly and follow the recipe here.

See next post for what’s next so you don’t miss it.

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