Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hainault Wildlife Garden

a wildlife garden Volunteer Needed

The Nature Conservation Team are in the process of creating a wildlife garden over at Hainault Forest Country Park. They hope to create a garden that is both beautiful and beneficial to wildlife using no chemicals and, where possible, native plants. They need some volunteers to go along once a week/fortnight and help create some new features and maintain existing ones.

All help greatly appreciated – no experience necessary.

Tools and guidance supplied.

For further information contact the Nature Conservation Team on 020 8501 1426 or email Fiona here.


  1. Thanks for putting this out on your website - hopefully we will be inundated with offers of hlep! Just to clarify though it is a joint project, lead by volunteers, with help from Nature Conservation team and Hainault Forest Country Park staff - don't want to give the impression that we are leading - the real hard work is being done by the volunteers.

  2. I wish this Hainault Project great success - I only regret that I can not offer my services due to the several projects I am involved with here in darkest S/W Redbridge and points South.
    Even so it would be cool if I was informed of this project so that I could pass on the info to the many hlepers I meet with on a daily basis. I appreciate you may have lost my contact details - but you can tap into my phone number when I ring your office - although I would not like to publish it here due to the amount of calls I do and could receive from hlepers and others.
    Keep up the good work and remember that what we do in conservation has a result in the years to come. To retain interest in any project we must show that our projects work without a fuss or loss of interest in people who could become the future hlepers.
    Fondest regards to all invloved.