Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Big Orange Goes Green

the TNT logoBack in December 2006 TNT Express and TNT Logistics, in partnership with Smith Electric Vehicles, unveiled the world's first high performance 7.5-tonne zero emission electric vehicle, which was then due to go into service in London.

The press release said “If the green trial proves successful, TNT will consider adding 200 other zero emission vehicles to its fleet to serve in other urban locations in the UK. This would result in significantly reduced controlled and CO2 emissions and consolidate TNT's position at the top of the 'green league' in the transportation sector.”

Today, I am advised by Jean Lambert, London’s Green MEP, that she will be attending the Launch of the world's largest fleet of zero emission delivery vehicles on Monday 12th May at the London Wetland Centre, SW13. The electric vehicles will be rolled out in London and major towns in the UK as part of TNT's mail and express delivery service.

As well as Jean, the event will be attended by UK Government representatives, the Chief Executive of TNT, industry experts and key opinion-formers and no doubt there will be opportunities for a photo shoot of them taking a ride.

David James the England and Portsmouth goalkeeper and the Football Association's official 'green' envoy will also be joining the event. No mention of Boris though, I wonder if he knows?

Jean said: "Londoners suffer the health effects of poor air quality from the vast volumes of traffic moving around our city every day. Several hot spots fail to meet basic EU air quality standards”. Yes and one of them is Fullwell Cross roundabout. She went on to say that “we must now ensure that the electricity generated to power these vehicles comes from renewable sources such as wind, solar and tidal energy.”

As the press are being invited to this event, you may find some reports on the internet later on Monday.

UPDATE: Jean Lambert with James ShawTuesday 13th May

Photo of Jean Lambert MEP at the event with James Shaw from New Zealand.

David James didn't make it to the event and neither did Boris, but he was busy planting trees today!


  1. The event went well, and TNT's order for another 100 trucks from Smith Electric Vehicles is today being splashed around the internet. They already ordered 50 last year and many are in service. Here is TNT's own report.

  2. Thanks Anon,
    Here is that link in clickable mode.

    TNT delivers world's largest zero emissions fleet

    The final paragraph is revealing
    "On average it costs just £40-a-week to power a zero emission vehicle as opposed to around £200 spent on diesel fuel. The electric vehicles are also exempt from the London congestion charge - approximately £1,750 a year - and do not incur road tax in the UK. It's a clear win-win situation and one that we hope others will follow."