Monday, May 19, 2008

Almost There

Fairtrade logoFairtrade Redbridge is close to making its application to become a Fairtrade Borough, but before it does, there are a few things still to do!:

Next time you pop into your local corner shop/cafe please find out whether it stocks at least TWO fairtrade products. If it does, it may not yet be listed in the Redbridge Fairtrade Store Directory. Let us know and we can check it against the Directory
. If it isn't listed, then congratulations, you have found another shop which can go towards accreditation!

Fairtrade Redbridge logoIf the business does not yet offer a choice of fairtrade products, please ask whether the manager might be willing to talk to someone about fairtrade and please put us in touch with them so that we can explain what products are available and how to source them. We are currently only 5 away from the required figure, so we are really tantalisingly close!

Faith groups: Do you know of any faith organisations that uses fairtrade products? If yours doesn't but would like to, there are simple steps your faith organisation can take to become a Fairtrade Faith group. If yours does, then we need to make a record of this as this is also important data for the application for accreditation.

Community group: Any group that uses fairtrade products can be counted towards accreditation and the more the better. So, if you are part of a local group, or know of one that supports fairtrade, please let us know!!!!

Tel: 020 8708 2272 or email.

1 comment:

  1. I just want to thank you for the stirling support you are giving fairtrade.
    We are so close to becoming accredited that support from groups like yours are really valuable.
    Best Regards
    Nicola (on behalf of the Fairtrade Redbridge group)