Sunday, April 06, 2008

TV Facelift Opportunity

We are advised that:

A new TV series is being developed that will see the makeover of spaces and sites in Britain that have been suffering neglect and are in need of a facelift. Sites large and small are being sought across the country, including: parks and open spaces that cannot be properly used by the community as they are in such poor condition; green space that is an eyesore due to misuse and lack of investment and facilities; or perhaps a communal garden that has been abandoned and needs some attention. The aim is to involve the whole community to help create a sense of ownership and a space that can be used in years to come. If you know of a site that fits these criteria and has not received any funding or improvements recently please email with a brief description of the site and why it is in need of regeneration.
From Jude Luckett, GreenSpace



  1. I went into the main building (bar and Indian restaurant) at Fairlop Waters last week on business. Talk about seedy and run down! Your standards would have to be really low to go there for a good time. What a waste of a resource.

  2. Unity Square would be a good place to start in a very little time


  3. Ron Jeffries of the Aldborough Hatch Defense Association has agreed to put in a bid.