Wednesday, April 23, 2008

St Georges Day

the flag of St George "St George's Day should be a national holiday in England. We should celebrate St George as a symbol of freedom, dissent and multiculturalism. It is time we ditched the myths surrounding St George and celebrated the reality of his courageous life. He doesn't belong to the far right. He represents multiculturalism and rebellion against tyranny. St George wasn't white or English. He was a rebel from the Middle East. His father was Turkish and his mother probably Palestinian. Here relled against the Roman Emperor Diocletian and was executed for opposing the persecution of Christians by the Romans. An early defender of human rights, he is a heroic symbol of protest and the right to freedom of belief and expression. St George's parentage embodies multiculturalism and his life expresses the values of English liberalism and dissent. "

Peter Tatchell, 23rd April 2008


  1. Oh pooh, hornswoggle and pishtush.

    All that is 'known' about St George is that he was probably a Roman soldier who may have been martyred for his Christian faith.

    Everything else is myth and legend and outright fabrication, and alleging that he stands for multiculturalism (purleez!), liberalism and dissent is just stretching an ancient cobweb far beyond breaking point.

    I am normally prepared to listen to Tatchell's ruminations with some interest, but this is just unadulterated garbage.

  2. Historians and academics will debate these fine details till the cows come home.

    What I think we can agree on is that St George was not English, is the patron saint of many countries besides England and [along with the Union Jack] is not owned by the far Right.

    We should reclaim our national symbols, which is I think the central point of Peter's statement.

  3. Tatchell called St George: 'an early defender of human rights' - on the spot, was he?

    And yes, we should reclaim our national symbols, only attempts in previous years to fly the flag, literally and metaphorically, for England have resulted in loud cries of 'racist' or 'little Englander' from Leftie Glitterati.