Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Not by any means a scientific poll but, comments from local people indicate that we prefer to shop in Romford rather than Ilford. Our brand spanking new Hospital is in…… Romford. So, it is with great pleasure that I can report that our new swimming pool is going to be in….. Romford.

Plans unveiled for Romford's flagship leisure complex.

If only we had a reliable bus service.


  1. Well it certainly sets out why Redbridge should abandon their plan for a 50-metre pool. And public transport connections with Romford are not, in fact, that bad. From Redbridge bus routes 66, 86, 247, and 296, as well as trains from Ilford, Seven Kings, Goodmayes and Chadwell Heath, all go to Romford as does bus route 5 skirting the southern boundary of Redbridge. The High Road Seven Kings site is served directly by just one bus route, and is a short walk from the railway station. So let Havering get on with it, and let our replacement swimming pool be one that is affordable, not one that flogs off every asset that we currently have.

    When it comes to shopping, however, it is now many years since I did so in Romford. It was then far too large to walk around comfortably, and I believe is now even bigger.

  2. Yes - sorry, I forgot that one. It is not one that I use. It suffers from the inability of Transport for London to understand that a bus that goes even further east from Becontree Heath than the old 129 did is doomed to unreliability. Some of us have seen it all before. From Barkingside the 247 is pretty reliable.

    Doesn't detract from the fact that the proposed 50-metre pool at Seven Kings is one that Redbridge simply cannot afford, and would be in a location that is far too car-dependent.

  3. I think these councils have caught a touch of the Olympic Dream. There are monies on offer, and financial opportunities are being hyped beyond belief, like we're all going to become millionaires as soon as the Olympics come to town. I know of one London council that was hoping to get an Olympic grant for its museum, which has nothing to do with sport!

    I suspect that by the time the 2012 jamboree is finished a lot of councils will be stuck with white elephants, such as Olympic swimming pools and cycle tracks, that will have cost a fortune and few people will ever use.

    Let's hope we can put the brakes on these daft ventures before we're all bankrupt.

    By the way, I need to catch 2 buses just to get to King George's Hospital, at least I did before I was transferred to Romford and refused to go. I had to allow an hour to get from Barkingside to King George's. I refuse to go any farther afield than that. So I have been dumped by the our local health authority!

    I see Weinberg's chicanes are clogging up Barkingside High Street nicely.

  4. You don't understand the system Coxsoft. It is not there for the user's convenience, but is to provide career opportunities for the staff!

    Is one who approves the use of chicanes guilty of chicanery???

  5. It makes sense for Romford to have a major pool - if you've been there recently, you'll have seen there are a huge amount of new homes either ready now or being constructed within a stone's throw of the shopping centre and market square, and of course Havering Council encourage adequate car parking.

    So Havering recognises the link between homes and services, but Redbridge seems unable to do so.