Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mounted Police

a policeman on a bike Our Vice-Chairman is also Chairman of the North Hainault Allotment Association and a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator for Ravensbourne Gardens.

In the latter role he has been successful in acquiring funding of £450 for two additional GT model bicycles for the Police team based at the cop shop in Fencepiece Road. It is a long walk from there to the western end of Fullwell ward or the eastern side of Hainault.

In doing so, he approached every major chain in the High Street but drew a blank. However, he did manage to raise £150 by other means, including £25 each from Barkingside 21 and the North Hainault Allotment Association. The remaining £300 was secured from Area Committee funds at Area 3 on 16th April.

All of this would not be possible in
Manchester it seems.

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