Sunday, April 13, 2008

Less is More

a hamburger In a long letter to the Wanstead & Woodford Guardian [sorry no link] under the heading “Obesity can be reversed only by healthy lifestyle”, Dr Pratibha Datta, Director of Public Health, Redbridge PCT, replies to the earlier article published in that newspaper “Schools losing battle of the bulge” which I posted on at the time here.

She says “It is a problem both the PCT and council take seriously but also requires a sea change in people’s attitudes to health.” And “Indeed the root cause of the vast majority of serious illnesses we suffer can be traced back in unhealthy lifestyles.” You get the drift.

She need not worry, it is all being taken care of by our government who have been quietly engineering the conditions required to dramatically improve the health of the nation.

From New Scientist:

“when the Soviet Union began to unravel in 1989 Cuba was hit with serious food and fuel shortages. From 1991 to 1995, people were getting only about 1800 calories a day and had to walk or cycle wherever they needed to go. The result was an average drop in body mass index of 1.5 units, and a halving of the obesity rate to just 7 per cent. In the years that followed, deaths from potentially fatal diseases fell dramatically - diabetes by 51 per cent, coronary artery disease by 35 per cent and stroke by 20 per cent."

And you thought the credit crunch, recession, food security and fuel security were “problems” rather than solutions.

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