Sunday, April 13, 2008

Land Sales

items for sale at auction Last year Cllr Ian Bond submitted a petition on Land Sales in Redbridge to the Prime Minister’s web-site. As is the process, once the deadline for signatures has passed the government post a response to the email addresses of all the signatories and post it on their web-site. Link to full version. Here it is in summary:

“Blah, blah blah, waffle, waffle waffle. It’s not our fault. Waffle, waffle. Blah blah. Nuffin to do wiv us. Blah blah, waffle waffle. Honest guv’na. Waffle waffle blah. It’s those nasty Conservative councillors. Waffle waffle blah blah……

……Only if the allotments were no longer required would other uses be allowed and these would be expected to be compatible with the character and amenity of the area.”

The Wanstead & Woodford Guardian reports on the forthcoming “Big Conversation” here.
Cllr Burgess is quoted “Many developers already had all the land they needed. All developers have land banks and, with the market being what it is, they are pulling back on what they are building, so they are going to be very cautious about buying new land. By the time you have done all your deliberations, all your land will be going on the market broadly at the same time when the developers are not interested and when you are glutting the market." OOps!


  1. Given the record of our current council administration it is highly likely that they will be able to identify an eagerly willing purchaser who will jump at the prospect of purchasing a valuable piece of real estate at a price considerably below the market value.

  2. Re that Burgesscian "Quote" - oh dear! It seems nothing I say "sinks Inn" - there is so much waste in Redbridge and so much seemingly negative thinking about resources that it is about time Redbridge Council "whoever they are" turned to thinking about Redbridge First, Council Contract commitment Second, checking on contracts and sub-contractors work Thirdly, and the rest will be repeated at intervals whenever!
    I am sure more than a few Councillors are fearful that (for instance) Ilford Town Centre; will be another Leeds or Milton Keynes, or even worse a conglomoration of pseudo Italian, French and British sameness.
    Redbridge Council has to start at the BASICS by checking on the quality of day-to-day services they are getting (Getting as opposed to Expecting), and then select developers to create a Redbridge, singular place. I, and others abhor the statement that was put forward - "Ilford has to be build BEFORE xxxx date otherwise it will lose commerce to Stratford, Romford, and India and China.
    That statement alone suggests, does it not, that if Redbridge is made to different quality standards then commerce and people will come here regardless - and - if we develop a modified similarity to any other town or borough, then why should they come here?
    Look for Exception Value for Money - Ideas that will leave behind buildings and the environment to be proud of for years into the future, not a load of same-type-disjointed buildings which have no soul!
    Or am I wrong?
    Oh! and by the way - TWO MINUTES is NOT enough time to explain my ideas for you to bounce off into a Redbridge Future!

  3. A big thank you to Barkingside 21 for highlighting the fact that a good statutory allotment, in good working order cannot be 'disposed of' at a whim.
    We know that. We know the Council must know it (that is if they care to read their own scrutiny reports).
    So, why not stop these time and effort consuming plans to relocate us and get on with realistic projects.

  4. What we are going to get with land sales is low cost (to the council)
    assets such as allotments, being sold to finance high cost (to the council) assets i.e 50metre swimming pools, to add to the equation the high value assets will be sold first leaving nothing when the problem arises ( and make no mistake it will) again in 4/5/6/7 years time, then we will be selling parks, and recreation grounds. The Corporate Panel must point this out in the "Great Conversation" You can only sell an asset once.


  5. If you have not done so yet, you can get an update about the Big Conversation if you go to the redbridgei homepage
    Having attended most CPCP public meetings, I know that the councillors appointed to the panel are doing their best to be open-minded and to reflect the views of the public.
    However, a lot of work seems to be done behind the scene and, obviously, I have not got a clue is there is participation of the CPCP councillors when the public is not there.
    I cannot see how this is going to work. Voice to the people?
    Don't think so.