Sunday, April 06, 2008

High Street Not Works

It Continues:

Please note that as part of the proposed widening of Fremantle Road at it's junction with High Street Barkingside, advance statutory undertakers works are programmed to start on 14th April for up to two weeks. The work will involve making a new gas main connection in the northbound carriageway of the High Street immediately north of the junction with Fremantle Road. To facilitate these works it will be necessary to introduce temporary traffic lights, with a pedestrian phase, which will inevitably lead to traffic delays. Advance warning signs have been erected at each end of the High Street and the beginning of Fremantle Road. These measures have been agreed by the Police, London Buses, Redbridge Traffic Manager's Officers and National Grid Transco.


  1. Is a 'statutory undertaker' a dead cert?

  2. I've met a few dead certs down the years, thankfully none of them had anything to do with the business of undertaking.

  3. Monday 7 April is the first day of two weeks' school holidays. These works lasting two weeks will start on 14 April. With careful planning they might have been delayed until 21 April thus ensuring maximum cockup with the traffic.

    I will refrain from comment on dead certs, dgs.......

  4. Was the winner of the Grand National a forerunner of what is to come
    - "comply or die"