Friday, April 04, 2008


handfuls of cash Or Charity muggers. Annoying aren’t they? So, how many times recently have you been invited to a birthday party, a 60th Wedding Anniversary bash or indeed a funeral where you have been asked not to buy a present or flowers, but to make a donation to the hosts chosen charity?
What do you give? £20, £50, £100? Whatever the amount if that money has been earned by you or your partner, TAX has been paid on it. Now, if you Gift Aid that donation the Charity is able to claim back the tax you have paid. Even better still, if you have a Charities Aid Foundation account YOU can claim back the tax before you make the donation. Brilliant eh? What’s more a CAF cheque or voucher can only be cashed by a registered charity. It costs nothing to open a CAF account. They do take a percentage to cover their costs but that’s it. You put in £100, say, and they claim back the tax and credit it to your account.
Oh, and despite the reduction in the basic rate of income tax, the relief remains the same, that is 28p for every £.


  1. Even better, give to small charities that get no govt funding - few people realise just how much an outfit like Barnardos act as an arm of the Welfare State, and others act more like political lobbyists.

  2. Yes, check em out first.

    There’s some good advice here but it is a US site.

    You can check a UK charity at the Charity Commission.