Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blind Panic

a blind symbol Down in Chadwell Heath there is a club for blind and partially sighted people that has served the Redbridge community for over twenty years. It is called the Focus Club.

For the past six years they have held monthly meetings at the Chadwell Centre in Grove Road, Chadwell Heath. This is an excellent and well-run venue, with the essential advantage of having an off-road car park, where the members can be de-bussed and collected again at the end of the meeting.

Earlier this year rumours of the closure of this venue prompted a reply from the council that closure was not envisioned for at least 12 months and that the club would be consulted if and when it came into the equation. However, in April the club was advised that no bookings for use of the Centre, by any groups, clubs or parties, will be accepted after September of this year!

The Committee of the Focus Club are extremely dismayed by this un-heralded and rather off-hand communication. John Gough said “Our club has provided entertainment and every-day support of the blind and partially sighted for many years. This by voluntary work - helped by occasional very generous donations.”

Further information is awaited, but alternative suitable meeting places with parking space are not at all easy to find. We wish the club the best of luck in their dealings with the council, but given other examples of the way voluntary and community enterprises have been, and are being, dealt with we are not optimistic.


  1. Another valued community asset for the Redbridge Asset Strippers to flog?

  2. Oh so very typical of the Weinberg Cabinet; as nasty as they come; no credibility and no compassion it seems is their speciality. Can you imagine the outcry if the same kind of treatment were to be handed out to this God forsaken bunch of hypocritical parasites.

  3. The only thing they understand is the cash that we provide to be paid into their personal bank accounts.