Saturday, March 29, 2008


Dali LamaVia Cllr Linda Eyre.
Dear friends,
In just 7 days over 1 million of us have signed the petition supporting human rights and dialogue in Tibet - the fastest growing internet petition in history! After decades of injustice, the Tibetan people are crying out to the world for change, and the world is answering. As China's leaders decide whether to respond to Tibetan grievances with increased repression or dialogue with the Dalai Lama, an International Day of Action has been declared for Monday, March 31st.
In 4 days, thousands of people in cities across the world will march to Chinese embassies and consulates, and stack hundreds of boxes containing our petition outside them. 1 million signatures makes a mountain of boxes - it's a powerful way to deliver our message. We have just 4 days left until the petition delivery, so we're redoubling our efforts to build the petition even larger - to 2 million signatures – in that time. Please sign, and then email to all your friends and family:
China's hardliners are lashing out publicly at the Dalai Lama--but many Chinese leaders believe dialogue is the best hope for stability in Tibet. Governments around the world have begun calling for dialogue, and there are many hopeful signs that, if we can keep the pressure up, China will agree. Already, we have had constructive discussions with Chinese officials about the message of our campaign. Chinese President Hu Jintao values his country's international reputation, and he needs to hear from us that the 'Made in China' brand and the upcoming Olympics in Beijing will succeed only if he chooses dialogue over the hardliners' repression. An avalanche of global people power is moving to get his attention. Our petition recognizes the concerns of Chinese leaders that riots and separatism could lead to dangerous instability. But we support the position of the Dalai Lama, that the best path to stability and development for China lies through dialogue and respect, not repression. This is the most promising moment in decades to address the injustices of Tibet - but already the media is moving on to other stories. We need to seize this moment with a massive statement of global support this Monday -- for the next four days, let's pull out all the stops for Tibet.
With hope, Ricken, Graziela, Ben, Iain, Pascal, Milena, Galit, Paul, Esra'a and the whole Avaaz team
PS - Here are some links for more information:
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  1. China has no right whatsoever to impose itself and its doctines on Tibet, the Chinese should move out and let the people of Tibet govern and conduct their society in the way in which they, and nobody else, choose. Who wants the Olympics anyway its just one more pointless nationalistic bash.

  2. I have similar views about England being dominated by whinging Jocks.

  3. DGS: "Who wants the Olympics anyway ..."

    Big Government and their Big Cronies need it for sure.

    China has form for cultural genocide and what the Dalai Lama calls "demographic aggression". They are busy invading nearby Southern Mongolia too, but this isn't getting publicity.

    Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Centre

  4. I think it is wonderful that we are to host the Olympics in 2012 and welcome the regeneration it will bring to the Country . It opens up a new venture for the younger generation and hopefully will give this country the boost that it needs . We have to look forward NOT back . Too many old fools harping on about the past and fixed ideas , for God's sake move over for the younger generation .

  5. There are a couple of new events for 2012. Who can serve the fastest Burger, and which Multinational makes the biggest profit.

  6. Elaine - hee, hee, I love the smell of astroturf of a morning.

    Or maybe you really are a True Believer; one who provides free advertising for the corporate masters by voluntarily wearing their logos, for example.

    Big Sport and totalitarianism fit together just like propaganda and megalomaniac construction, as Leni Riefenstahl, Goebbels and Albert Speer knew so well.

    The Olympic torch ceremony was, of course, invented by the National Socialists for the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

    How wonderful to see such regeneration from the beneficent Chinese Communist Party and our own mighty New Labour Party

  7. Just think Elaine and explain to us what regeneration the Olympics is likely to promote and then think again as to why this country needs 'a boost'. And then think again: young people become old people and perhaps you are one of the former, how will you feel when some 'young' person says to you 'move over' - simply go away and die, you've done your bit and you are now simply a tired and useless liability without any reason to remain alive. You, Elaine, sound like a very nice person (not).