Thursday, March 20, 2008

Special Area 3 Meeting

First we had an “extraordinary” Area 3 meeting. Now we are to be treated to a “special” Area 3 meeting on “Local Crime and Disorder”. Does this include mugging motorists in Manford Way, I wonder?

Anyway, what the posters don’t tell you is that it is also intended to conduct “ordinary business” at the same meeting and this is expected to take the first hour or so. Mind you we cannot rule out the Chairman changing his mind on the night, or indeed several times between now and then. Then being Wednesday 16th April at 7:15pm.

The venue has also changed from Fullwell Cross Library [seating 80: cost £104 reduced to a £50 cancellation fee] to the Hainault Community Centre [seating 120: cost £200].

The agenda should appear here, 5 working days before the meeting.


  1. It remains to be seen whether the change of venue is justified by attendance on the night. It is, after all, simply the Redbridge equivalent of the Muppet Show.

  2. If it were the real Muppet Show it would be a packed audience.

  3. And who would be the two old boys in the private box?

  4. Muppets? if thats the case what the hell does that make Us? oh well at least admittance is free...

  5. Local Community Police Item?? I wonder if they will follow the LCP of Area 2 - Area 1 was left out even though it is subject to Emergency Risk - ie flooding, spillage from commercial vehicles etc. Area 3 is also an Emergncy Risk Area - will your Community Police call for Wardens etc.? Here's the brief outline of what ER means:

    Local Resilience Forums and Community Risk Registers
    One of the ways cooperation and information sharing is achieved is through Local Resilience Forums (LRFs). In London there are six LRFs, bringing together groups of five or six boroughs.
    A key area of work undertaken by LRFs is the maintenance of Community Risk Registers (CRRs). The CRR describes the risks in an LRF area, and assesses the likelihood, and impact of a risk occurring. This forms the basis for emergency planning work-streams in the area. Use the link below to download the Redbridge and Waltham Forest Community Risk Register.
    The LRFs are chaired by local authority chief executives and their membership includes all category one responders. Category two responders attend under their right to invite/right to attend, other interested partners including the voluntary sector, business and the military are also involved.
    The LRFs have established a new tier of collaboration between category one and two responders. This tier bridges the gap between regional and borough level forums. The London Regional Resilience Forum (LRRF) sets the policy for London, and the LRFs oversee the local implementation of that policy.

  6. Are these LCPs simply piggy-backing area committees and expecting to constrict the time allocated to local affairs, in effect preventing us, Joe Public, from being infuriating?
    Is area 3 specially valuable because the attendance is so high compared with other areas?